Monday, June 29, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude, How to Pack a Carry On Bag, and some useful thai phrases

Sawatdi Khap khroobkhrua le phuan! or Aloha family and friends,

Its been another long week, but hey its been getting better. Actually its been great and this week flew by so fast. like woosh. woah. there went the week hahah. Thai has slowly been coming along but Ive been learning so much. truly feel like im receiving divine help and guidance.

So we hear from a lot of speakers here and one of them said that Attitude of gratitude thing. yeah i like that saying but on to important stuff like...

There are 3 ways to pack on your carry on bag
First... you can be boring and put like an extra change of clothes and some toiletries and necessities.
Second... you could fill it up with 40+ ties
Third... (My personal fav, i shouldve done this one) literally fill your whole carry on bag with candy. like costco sized boxes of candy. im talking snickers, red vines, jelly beans. The whole works. I wish I had done that, but then again more luggage= more problems. 

Useful thai phrases to know if any of you travel to Thailand
  • Mai ruu-pronounced...uh.. mai luuu. = I dont know
  • Mai khawcay - mai cow jai = I dont understand
  • bombababoh = mentally unstable (or the way that we all feel at the end of 12 hours of studying)
Sorry this is so short, this keyboard makes my hands hurt when i type and ive been typing non stop for the past 45 minutes and now my hands are cramping....

OH. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going onto (even if you arent mormon) and going to their search bar and looking up this video called "The Bus." Let me know how you liked it. it really helped me and my friends get through our hardest and roughest day. hopefully youll all share a similar sense of humor.
Here's the link to the video that Elder Ellis mentioned:

Thank you to everyone that sent packages and LETTERS! I love letters and mail cause I only get to check email once a week.
Also any friends reporting to the MTC this week, look for me cause ill be hosting you guys!!!!!

And if anyone can somehow get some sriracha to me in the MTC (jk...not really...but sorta)
They had sriracha for a bit in the dining hall but apparently that was like a misorder/fluke. so we only had it for a bit.....but me and my friends love it! so we asked one of the workers today if she knew what happened and told us the story. but get this. She goes back into the prep area and pulls out a WHOLE BOTTLE. Oh my happy day. sriracha. but she also recommended that we take a bottle of it with us. just cause it wont be a regular condiment choice.
The food is good, life is good, you guys are all great people never forget. Until next week!

Keep it real. Keep adventuring 

Elder Ellis

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