Thursday, December 31, 2015

Awesome People and Awesome Stories

Happy New Years!
New Year.

On to some awesome stories of awesome people

Referrals are miracles. Buriram is a place of Miracles. Thailand = Miracles. 

So grateful for this opportunity to teach this amazing sister! Sister ดา is the boss of one of the recent converts in the ward. Our first time we had met with her we weren't too sure what to expect. Buriram had 4 elders before but now we were down to just me and Elder Powers this transfer. And she was previously a referral to the other set of elders here. So we honestly had no idea what to expect. We had just thought "Hey, looks like she doesn't have a baptismal date. Let's try and give her one." She had come to church a few times before and then recently accepted to start meeting with the missionaries. So we go and meet with her with some members. When we give her a date to get baptized in 2 weeks, she stops us. And just says "If these things are important as you elders and church members say, I think I need to be baptized sooner. What about this week Sunday?" BOOM. 
Done. We can do that. We got you. No problemo.

Here is a picture of how awesome our Primary is. They got up on stage and danced for Christmas. So much energy so much excitement. Children.

This is how Thai people celebrate Christmas. With Karaoke. And a dance party.

"The Best is Yet to Be"
In honor of this New Year, here's a talk from Elder Holland.
We experience a ton of things in a year. Often even the day to day things that influence us could possible shape our lives. But hey. What about those other things. What about those things that we had to struggle to overcome? Do we let them define us? No. We look back at those times to gain experience but we don't let those things hold us down. There's nothing wrong with reflection. But what we shouldn't do is let past experiences limit us.
Just a quick tidbit from the talk
"As a new year begins and we try to benefit from a proper view of what has gone before, I plead with you not to dwell on days now gone nor to yearn vainly for yesterdays, however good those yesterdays may have been. The past is to be learned from but not lived in. We look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes. And when we have learned what we need to learn and have brought with us the best that we have experienced, then we look ahead and remember that faith is always pointed toward the future. Faith always has to do with blessings and truths and events that will yet be efficacious in our lives."

"Yo dog. My name is Victor. The boys call me West Win. I ain't no West Lee. That's some Chinese stuff yo!"

Last lesson of 2015 happened to be in English to this awesome fellow. Came to Thailand to get away from the madness and trouble in South Africa because he had some friends tell him about how peaceful and safe Thailand has been for them. Therefore he comes to Thailand. He was in Bangkok where some sister missionaries had originally contacted him, but then they found out that his house is actually here in Buriram. After a few days of trying and never being able to meet with him, we get a finalized appointment and he shows up. Yeeee stoked. Teaching in English is a lot harder than I thought. But then again, the real language we need to speak is the language of the Spirit. He's been scared of going to church here in Thailand because he will enter the church and then not understand anything. While we were teaching him. Wow. Just such an amazing feeling. Here is someone genuinely searching for Christ. Having this desire to change his heart and move forward with Christ's help. Breath taking amount of desire
Triple Shakas yo!
So quick story about this sister. She randomly had walked in to the church and asked to learn English because she had saw the "Free English Class" sign we had in the front of the Church. At the time, it was the last week of the transfer so the Elders didn't get an opportunity to really teacher. So like we had said, because there are only 2 elders in Buriram and before there were 4, our companionship was crazy busy. So we worked and taught her every day the past week trying to prep all our different investigators to get baptized. Also PLOT TWIST. Shes not even from Buriram. Actually lives in Korat, but was just here in Buriram to see her sister. So she's getting baptized in KORAT! By ELDER KREBS. Yeee same MTC District.

Why is Thailand so amazing?

Happy New Years all.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thisspacebar only worklikeshalf thetime..... /TRANSFERRED TO B..U......R...........

Sitting in this internet cafe litterally pounding on the spacebar just to getit towork. Ugh.
Forgive me for thetotal lack of spaces in thisemail. Neverenoughtimeeee

Also Thank you all for the cards and food! Got to pick up mail at thispasttransfer meeting andyeeeeeeee
Mahalo Nui Loa!

So Igot transferred out of Surin. Get ready for the plottwist!

Transferred to.........
So literally like an hour west/60 km away from Surin. So close that we are still in a district together and Iwill still be able to go to Surin for meetings and trainings. Hahahahaha. Plottwist.

A bit about the area
Buriram-Home to Thailands best soccer team,Buriram United
We also have a huge race track and people here sure love their motorcycles.
Although I am still in the Essan, thiscity is waybiggerthan Surin. So much people. So many people. Just yeah. Cant getoverhow much more peoplethere are here in Buriram.
Its gonna be a great transfer. Iknow it.Big thingsaregonna come out of Buriram!

​Me and my new comp Elder Powers!
Yeee Fun facts:
His first language is French, he grew up in northern Maine right next tothe borderof Canada!
He is about to hit his year mark on the31st of December!
He's a baller of a missionary and speaks Thai like aboss!

This poster we tooka picturewith is basically a hugeinviting card that says (translated for your benefit) "Want to be cleaned from sins? 

​Legit condos for us missionaries here in Thailand. Buriram's house isway nice,andway solid for a two elder area.

Hopefully these pictures come through....

Some interesting thoughts?
No matter where you are. You will be successful. Also we need to recognize that although things may not be going according to our plan. They are going according to HIS plan. And that's all that matters. Because in the end, everything will work out and be alright. Because a Savior was born, we can find ASSURANCE in the darkest of times. Enjoy these videos!

Happy Holidays. Never forget the reason for the season!

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

VIDEO - Merry Christmas from the Thailand Bangkok Mission - TBM (The best mission!)

The World's Best Missionary Transfer Meeting...EVER
Merry Christmas from the Thailand Bangkok Mission - TBM (The best mission!)This is without a doubt the world's best missionary transfer meeting. Not only is up fun and a great atmosphere, but the Spirit was there and everyone was uplifted.
Posted by ศาสนจักรของพระเยซูคริสต์แห่งวิสุทธิชนยุคสุดท้าย(มอรมอน) on Friday, December 18, 2015

Video from a member in Thailand. If the video does not show up visit...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

So where in Bangkok is Omni?

After Enos!

Hahaha...cause like Omni is in the Book of Mormon but this other missionary thought it sounded like a Thai area....oh ok. alright. Maybe it wasn't that funny.....

Ok...​Finally got a solid pic of the trio. Literally you are all looking at the best (and only) trio in Thailand. 

Taken at stake conference where I also got meet up with this awesome family Members of Nuuanu ward, my home ward back in Hawaii. How legit was this!

So yeah. This week huh. We had a zone conference over in Ubon for the day, after that wow. Tons of humbling work. Investigators going off the radar. The typical. But you know what? Everything will be alright. Hope. Time keeps on moving and so does this work! I would never trade what I'm doing here in Thailand for anything else.

These two chapters. They can change your life. And I am completely serious. Study them. Humble yourselves. Take a moment and refocus on what things are really important in life. And what things need to change. I am giving out commitments. If you make the effort to read and prayerfully study and apply these chapters to your life. Wow. The results will be amazing. But who knows. I'm 18.

Some things to ponder on....
 26 And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?

 27 Have ye walked, keeping yourselves blameless before God? Could ye say, if ye were called to die at this time, within yourselves, that ye have been sufficiently humble? That your garments have been cleansed and made white through the blood of Christ, who will come to redeem his people from their sins?

Live each day to the fullest. Choosing the right, loving one another.

So because we were in Roi Et for Stake conference...this happened. They had an investigator who had accepted a date that just so happened to coincide with Stake Conference. So Elder Frodsham and Elder Dailey did what they could but because of some logistic issues, getting to the Roi Et chapel wasn't a possibility. So they held a pool side baptismal service. 


Take it easy. Stay Happy. Constantly have gratitude in your hearts!

Silk Factory
Stay safe this Holiday season!

Elder แอลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Huh? It's already been a week? I'm running out of time on my mission!

Time is flying so fast. I don't remember much what happened this week. Honestly. I can't. It was a blur. We went out and tried to meet with a tonnnnnn of people. But people don't always want to meet with us. But the work moves on and we keep on giving it our heart.

So because nothing really happened other than working our hearts out here's some interesting thoughts I've had and a talk that I absolutely loved studying this week. 

So what is hope? It's way more than just a simple wish. It gives us a vision, a point that we go and try to reach. Hope is this abiding trust in God and His ability to help us. We are His children, He loves us so much. But at the same time, we came here to gain experiences. You don't just have experiences handed to you, you gotta go out and do stuff and face challenges. Whenever you think you can't overcome a challenge, that's not true. God has prepared a way for each of us to overcome anything and everything. All it takes is a bit of patience, enduring, and HOPE.
Read the talk. Ponder the words of President Uchtdorf. Great Stuff.

Wow. That was a short email. I guess I didn't have another interesting thought. Not much more to say. The work moves on. These people are actually amazing and I love them so much. Grateful for all of these opportunities to learn and to especially serve. 

Oh hey language study. So there's a huge Cambodian influence here in Surin. And one of our favorite LA's we are working with, Bro. Name, is from Cambodia. Therefore we have started a mini notebook of useful Cambodian phrases and words. Who would've guessed I would pick up some Cambodian while serving in Thailand?

Attached is us eating pizza at this pizza parlor we found in a back alley. Pretty good stuff, and made by a real Italian man. He met his wife while they were living in Italy. So she speaks to him in Italian. And would speak to us in Thai. And it was all very confusing, and funny. Yeah. Pizza was a great lunch break as we were heading home from service!

Keep it up keep it up keep it up!

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

ห้ามเคีรอด, I saw a black truck, President เสือ, Trio Life Struggles

Shout out to Elder Fukino for entering the MTC this week, going to the BEST Mission, the Thailand Bangkok Mission. Cheee

Don't worry. Things will work out!
(hope I spelled that right)

Not too much time but here's some things that had happened this week....

"I saw a black truck"
Elder Bunker had a dream of him inviting someone to learn about Christ. It was a large man with a mustache. His name was actually a girls name too. But ever since his dream he has been chasing after ever black truck at every stoplight and at every house. Then one day. We went out to visit a member, and we see all the signs. We see the black truck. We hear the name over the speakers. A man comes out of the truck. He's a bit large. He turns around....HAS THE MUSTACHE. Therefore Elder Bunker is confident that this is his man. We go over, talk to him, get his number and get a follow up appointment cause apparently he's always been interested just has never had the opportunity to learn. Also at the end of Elder Bunker's dream the whole family gets baptized. This man has a family. Sweeeet.

You find those you look for. It's real.

President Tiger came into Surin. If you know him, then you know how amazing of a teacher he is. He's awesome.

Trio Life Struggles
All three of us Elders are so different but our unique work styles complement each other so well! But we do have some struggles, and they are rather funny.
We like to take turns on guiding each other to our appointments or favorite places to eat. No way do I have a firm grip on the area, but I've been here for 3 months while my companions have only been here for 2 weeks. It makes for some interesting situations. Elder Bunker was leading one day, and he goes straight, I make a turn because if we went straight we would head out to the country side, and then Elder Amonthep is in the intersection. Confused. And not too sure what to do or where to go. So funny, we always have a good laugh whenever these things happen.
Planning what to teach
Three different styles, three different ideas, and three very good reasons for each thing that we want to teach. But in the end, it all works out and we are doing great things, teaching amazing people, helping share our amazing message.

So quick thought about "Every member a missionary"
Three main points that we highlighted in our branch this past Sunday
1-Missionaries will leave the branch (or ward). There is no way for them to stay longer than 2 years. It just doesn't happen. But members. This is their home. Therefore you need to fellowship those new people and really make new ward members feel like they are part of this great family. 
2-Members can be out after 9 pm, members can use social media. These are all simple ways that members can use their time to share a bit of a spiritual message. To serve. To help a friend in need and just express Christlike love. Little things to increase the sum total of kindness in the world
3-These are people you know! These are people similar to you, living a life like you. In Hawaii, in Utah, in Thailand. The people in the area are like you. You can relate to them, you already have this amazing bond, now use it!

Yeah. Sorta all over the place. Random ideas. You can tell I didn't remember to use a post it note this week...

Keep on loving life

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A(fter) B(aptism), C(ambodian), DENGUE, & E(lephants)

After Baptism-Way way way important to teach recent converts there after baptism lessons. You really need to strengthen them always. Conversion is a process, not a single event. You must continually be helping and strengthening them to gain a greater conversion to the Gospel. These lessons honestly make a big difference in the RC's life. I've seen it with my own converts, those that were taught and supported are so strong. After Baptism lessons. Way way way important. Keep on teaching, keep on supporting, keep on loving. 
We have an LA, from Cambodia but he speaks Thai. Like a boss. And this is really an amazing member. We had met with him and he had just casually said, "Yeah, when I was baptized in Sisaket, I helped teach 10 of my friends." Like woah. This was a member that really found joy in the gospel and shared it. So amazing. He had gone less active mainly because he moved to Surin and then no longer had a way to come to church. But being the diligent and prayerful member he is, he figured out the perfect way to find a ride back to church. He has two friends that have mopeds and he asked us to teach his friends because 1- they are interested in learning about the gospel and 2-They have mopeds so when they come to church he can come to church also. Yeah Cambodian. Teaching the LA and his friend one time this week, the friend wasn't totally understanding the concept so the LA, Bro. Nem, explained it in Cambodian. I didn't realize they were speaking Cambodian so I was nodding my head like "Yeah, this is awesome!" And then they turn to me and ask if I speak Cambodian....hahahah....yeah no....I can't speak Cambodian.

We go to the hospital. Elder Bunker gets some blood drawn. He was positive for dengue. But good thing, He is now completely healed. Funny story, two days after we found out he had dengue his skin started like getting all these red rash like dots. So all three of us in the trio were super scared. We weren't sure if he had an allergic reaction to the medication. But then we call the Thailand Bangkok Mission nurse and ask her. Apparently his platelets were just falling out of his blood. No big deal. Elder Bunker is a legend!

Elephant festival. 
Just so much elephants. I mean not much to say cause it was just a bunch of elephants eating food. In the middle of the city. Also, way way good inviting at this festival cause there was a ton of people all in the same area. Cheee Enjoy the pictures.

Pics are way sweet and how can you not be feeling good when you have an attitude of gratitude in your heart!

Love you all. Have a blessed week!

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

DAT TRI LIFE (LAFAC) Sick! and Elephants (Just the Usual)

Oh yeah. You know whats happening.....I am in a trio!
Sickest trio in Thailand. And I mean that literally. Cause we've got fevers, coughs, sneezing, pressure in the sinuses. Oh yeah. Let's do this!

So it's been a great 2 transfers in Surin, and.........YUP still in Surin, good fun here. Elephant festival is in full effect and we had gone inviting inside the festival, and like WOAH! So many people. I honestly haven't seen this many people in ever. Way amazing, this is gonna be a great week to find some more investigators. Like how can it get any better, we are talking to awesome people and to top it all off there are elephants all around! Elephants. I love elephants. I think Surin has more elephants than people sometimes.....

Elder Sayavong
My awesome Khon Lao father, well now he has moved on to bigger and better things. He's a zone leader for one of the zones in Bangkok. I have learned so much from him and he really has shaped my mission completely. Its way amazing! His dedication and inspiration has made me want to be the best and most amazing missionary that I can possibly be. And truly the only way to do this is through giving it all. Giving our desires, our everything to God. God knows what we need and He loves us so much that He will guide us on our right path.

There are now 5 elders here in Surin. and like our room wasn't that big...But hold on. We found out that we had the frame for a bunk bed! Oh yeah. Bunk beds are way awesome.

My new companions are Elder Armonthep-way awesome Khon Thai that has been a member for 2 years and 6 months. And he has been a missionary for 1 year and 6 months. Yeah do the math. He was a member for just one year and then had left on his mission. He also plans to study in Utah. But not at BYU! His English is amazing, and yup.

I love learning from Khon Thai and Khon Lao's!

Elder Bunker-He's a way awesome elder and was the trainer of Elder Hancock from my MTC District. He just barely passed his year mark and wow! His Thai is way way way way clear. It's like. Crystal clear and pristine. Everyone comments on how cleanly he speaks Thai. And he's from Orem Utah, lives right at the mouth of Provo Canyon. 

Awesome stuff
This trio. Not sure if Surin is even ready for us. Big things coming soon. I feel it. They are coming. Cheeeeeee

Bus rides to transfers though. Those aren't the most fun things. Not a fan. It's like 7 hours on a bus and my legs are too long for the seats. So yup.....what a fun time...not really no....but you do get food soooo

Yeah. Not too much going on. Transfers takes up quite a bit of time. And then I had to renew my visa the day after transfers cause I forgot to go the day of transfers.....Yeah......Yeah....Yup

Some last minute spiritual thoughts. Here's a scripture that has guided me this week. It's in 1 Nephi 4:6. Honestly. I still don't have a solid 100% idea of what's going on. But I have a willing humbled heart. Always searching for guidance. Things do work out, I promise.


#DatTriLife #LAFAC 
Little Athletic Friends Athletic Club Member Since 2013

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Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Let's Celib(r)ate! (Wait what...)" and Service!

So my companion is continuing to study for the TOEFL Test and he's been learning some pretty impressive words. But this week, after one of our most intense days so far (I will explain about it later) I found out that we live next to the place where all of the ice cream bike vendors park. Therefore, soaking wet after an amazing day he goes and says "Let us celibate!" Hm...Uh...Wait what....Do you really mean celibate? "Yup! Celibate!" Only to find out later that night that "Celibate" and "Celeb---R---ate" are not the same words. Cheeeheee, good fun good fun.

So crazy stories from this week. Get ready for some intense one liners that probably make no sense whatsoever!

Got our investigator to commit to come inviting with us....but we still can't get him to commit to a baptismal date....

Teaching English class about directions. So naturally you have every imagine that they are in a helicopter flying to Laos and then my companion goes and says "Woah, wait! What is that thing in the sky? Angels of the Lord have brought down a traffic light! Which lane do we turn into now??"

30 ties cut for way cheap! But they are also way so skinny I'm not too much a fan of them. I'll probably give them away to people.

Currently thinking about buying a tent and a 30 pack box of calpis soda because both are on a special sale this week.

On that note of amazing sales, Hi-chew on sale for 6 baht. Oh you know I bought a lot....and all of the candy only lasted me one week. Says a lot about how healthy I ate this week....

Sometimes our water stops working. Like we wake up, turn on the shower and are just like what. Why. Again. Who even does this. What did we do to deserve this. Why. Why. Why. And no, it is not because we forgot to pay our water bill. We always pay it. Just sometimes our water stops flowing...maybe its just a Thailand thing?

Mosiah 2:17-Serving others and Serving God
So this week was a week filled of service. We went way hard. Biked out to our new RC's house and helped her family prune some eucalyptus trees for a few hours. I got some nasty blisters on my hands, but my mom bought like these magic blister band aids and idk how they work. But like my popped blisters felt so much better after I used these band aids.

Stomach of iron. I have no idea what we eat half the time. I just swallow and try to keep the reputation of truly being willing to eat anything and everything. Shhhhh. Just eat.

On the topic of eating and service. Because I still wish my language could be a bit better, I work with the skills that I have now. Which include serving with all my strength, and eating everything. Although I may not speak that well, actions still convey a strong message. So I continue to eat and serve as best as I can!

This week I also probably consumed a rather unhealthy amount of Hi chew candy and calpis because they were on sale and 7-11 is actually like our 3rd (after the church of course). So my diet consisted of calpis and hi chews because those were quick and easy things I could eat and drink as I biked and the sugar kept us going! Time to brush my teeth! 

Friday we had an intense day. Started off with biking out 22 km (one way) to go and harvest some rice at our investigators house, then we rushed back to our house, showered and then biked another 8 km out to go and finish up the lessons so our investigator (now RC) could be interviewed and get baptized. And then from there we go out another 12 km (again one way) to go and teach our 3 children investigators. And right as we finish teaching around 6:45 PM. The rain. Ho. The rain came down. The floods came up. And the two Elders were terrified. Cause we both thought the rainy season was done. But hah jokes on us......It wasn't. But we had a ward activity on Friday night and we had to go back out so we did. In the pouring rain. But yeah Friday was hectic. And then soaking wet we go back, buy our celebratory ice cream and plan for the next day! Oh yeah!

And then our RC. This is the mother of sister Cat, who we had met trying to find sister Cat. The Lord work's in mysterious ways. She's got so much faith and trusts God in everything. Such a humble hardworking soul, and it's been such an amazing opportunity teaching her and seeing how her faith has grown. Being out on a mission, seeing how much happiness the gospel brings people. It really is contagious. Their happiness gets to you and then you're happy. But it's weird cause you also just biked a ton and there isn't a single part of your body that's dry. But for some reason I've got a huge smile. Cause this is amazing.

Some other thoughts?
This is going back to the quote "No growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone." I try my hardest to never be comfortable and never be content. If I have to push myself, then I know I'm doing something right. Work hard, never be content. Keep up the hard work. If you're comfortable in whatever you're doing, then maybe try change it up. Push yourself a bit more. Go the paint! And yeah. It's not a delightful experience. By no means has serving in Thailand been easy for me, but the amount of growth I have felt and noticed these past 3 months. It's been amazing. But also, just cause I'm not comfortable does not mean that I am not enjoying these experiences. I am out here having experiences like none other. And these aren't experiences that are handed to me though. These are things that I seek out and work towards. Every single challenge, obstacle, and problem I've had. I love it. So much to learn, so much growth. So so so so so good.

Also a quote from this week that I thought was amazing " Know where you land before you jump." Just something to ponder on this week.

Attached is the picture of the Surin District, our branch president, Sister ongkhana and Bro. Jomtep who baptized her. And yes. Those are matching ties. And yes again, those are white elephants on pink ties.

Tonight we find out about transfers! We shall see what happens!

Exciting things. Great work. Life.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Going hard in the paint", Water Cats, and the Greenie Switchoff

oh Thailand. So this week's recap....

Moving at the speed of sound trying to do everything before it gets late and then you go to sleep and then you wake up and you just sorta sit there for a minute like....did I even sleep? then you realize you're wasting time and you gotta get ready and then after studying is done you go and work again and like. Woah. Where is the time going? I can hardly remember what I did this week....It's a good thing I got a post-it note of things I feel like sharing.

Sorry no pictures this week, I broke my SD card reader and I forgot my cable....didn't really take any pictures so meh. Oh well. We shall see what next week brings.

"Going hard in the paint"
It's a phrase that pretty much explains Thailand Bangkok Missionaries. You work hard. And then harder. And then you just don't stop. You just go hard. Like you can rest when you sleep but there's so much work go hard. Always. The phrase doesn't make that much sense. It's a bit contextual. But if you understand. You got me. Going hard in the paint. Giving it your all. Every last bit of strength, might, mind, and strength. Going hard in the paint. Chee.

Tuk Tuk
Greenie Switch off
So you take the two most inexperienced missionaries in the house and you put them together for a day. So basically the whole day, it was me and Elder Dailey. Doing everything from hailing a tuk tuk to directing a bicycle taxi where to take Elder Dailey. It's pretty funny cause during our switch off everywhere we would go, the Thai people would talk to me and ask if I was like his translator. Jokes on them though cause I only understood maybe 75% of everything they were saying. But yes. I am still alive. I got his bandaged changed, we taught a legit lesson about the Restoration of the Church and the Plan of Salvation. This switch off was really a test of my faith and trust. Honestly, I was terrified and scared out of my mind. I felt totally inadequate, like I can't speak Thai at all....but somehow things worked out. Through prayer and faith that everything would be alright. It was alright. Faith comes before miracles. And that day was a day of miracles.

Bike Taxi
Transportation this week included these truck taxis. Think flat bed trucks with two benches in the back and then a little extra space to like step up and hold onto. Idk how to explain it. Ill take a picture this week and attach it next probably....
Truck Taxi

Ties. Skinny Ties. Im going on that mass production vibe. P-day is Tie Day. Big things coming soon next week.

Shout out to this sister in the branch. She's got her mission call to serve in the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission. She speaks English like a boss. And also taught herself Mandarin. This branch of around 45 people have 2 missionaries in the field, this sister with her call, and then two more boys almost done with their papers. Big things coming soon!

Mission Pro-tips
SD-cards or USB drives to download bible videos and Mormon messages to share them with investigators/LA's/RC's. Also if you ever get into making your own ties honestly you only need half a meter of fabric. Just saying if you cut them yourselves and also if you like skinny ties. A little wider will mean a little more fabric. But you already knew that.

Water Cats
Elder Sayavong held up this like little bath toy he bought of a seal. And I ask him what he was doing, cause I see him from the opposite desk and he just says "I'm playing with my...uhhh...water cat." I was super confused. It turns out, the Thai word for seal/sea lion is water cat. Makes sense.

So this week cause I'm feeling like things are finally clicking, Alma 26. This is the chapter to study. Cause just when you think you can't get much happier than this. You read Alma 26 and BAM! Happiness overload.

Good Vibes. Thailand Wide.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Adversity (Think motorbike accident), Elephants, Ice Cream, and more ties

Elephant festival. Those elephant pens are coming up and they're starting to build these huge things for like signs. The elephants. They're coming soon.

Note to all missionaries cutting ties. Silk is hard to work with, cotton ties are way easy to make. I need to perfect making the pointed part of the ties. 4 ties I've cut so far.

Food! Ice Cream! Oh how I have missed you ice cream. Had some ice a hot dog bun cone. So it went like this, top up as follows: Hot dog bun, a half scoop of rice, a bunch of small scoops of different flavored ice cream, chocolate syrup, then some strawberry syrup on top. Rather interesting. Surprisingly good. And only 10 baht! Oh yeahhh.

The name of the game this week. Right there. Adversity. Just because I said adversity doesn't actually mean I had a bad week. Do I have bad weeks? Never. It's really your choice and it's what you want to make of it. Was this week rough? Disappointing? Confusing? Yup. Facing adversity makes us stronger and give us all sorts of valuable experiences that we never would have gained in any other way.
Some days in Thailand all of our investigators and LA's we are working with don't answer their phone or are out of town. Therefore the only thing planned for the whole day is a 6 hour block of inviting and then English class. Honestly, I look at those 6 hours and tremble in fear. That's hours of rejection, in the sun, searching for that one person that God needed you to find. But should you allow yourself to tremble in the face of fear? Never. Look to the story of Job in the Old Testament. Absolutely faithful and amazing, but stricken with so much affliction that he was brought way low. Down to the ground. Did he tremble and was he discourage? Definitely. But he overcame it all and humbled himself in front of God. Amazing story and such an empowering message.
So the motorbike accident....hahha funny story....Elder Dailey (the other new missionary in the house) got into an accident. It was around 7 pm, and their companionship was crossing the street to get to the church (yes, they were walking). Thailand doesn't really have lights over the road so it was a bit dark. They look left. Right. Then left again. Safe to cross...right? As the step out into the street, they hear someone's horn. And then next thing we know, Elder Dailey is on the ground and there's a motorcycle overturned and a guy pinned under his bike. And then police, and ambulance, and the whole deal comes into the scene. And he's in the hospital, not too sure what happened. Fast forward a bit, he's got a gash in his leg. Gash as in a kind of wound that you could stick your finger in (your welcome for that imagery). So he's chilling in the hospital. And miraculously after the x rays and such come back. He's fine. Just gotta get sewn up. But this just put two missionaries out of commission, confined to the hospital. Not able to go out and teach and serve and do those missionary things. But wow, Elder Dailey is such a strong Elder. He continues fighting on, Does this phase him? Is he even scared of Thailand? Nope. He's got a great spirit throughout this all.
And then my companion goes and gets his wisdom teeth pulled on Saturday. So he wasn't able to talk. Did that stop us? Never. He kept on doing what he could without speaking, while I taught one of the other elder's potential investigator (they forgot to cancel this appointment), went through a meeting explaining our investigators, and then tried to get people to come to church. Honestly it is a struggle trying to do things when your companion isn't able to speak. But these times are times of reflection. How much did I trust in the Lord? Will I turn my eyes towards Him for help, or would I run away? Yup, not a very dramatic experience, but there are always lessons to be learned. All the time.

Love this talk. Finally got to read it in English. Read it. These lessons and quotes in here are golden.

I love adversity so much. It's true. If we didn't have any adversity, we woudn't get any stronger

Also in terms of funny and absolutely adorable stories. The attached picture are of these 3 children ages 10,11, and 12. Their mother is in Bangkok and was baptized there and wanted her children to learn about the gospel. They are amazing and they are the best! They listen, the do everything. like wow. Can they get any better. They read the Book of Mormon, they highlight the parts they like, they pray. They are adorable. So much sincerity in everything they do. Just so heartfelt. The youngest child's favorite verse is Alma 7:23. So so so so so sweet. And they came to church, just them three. The amount of faith and love these children have is inspiring. I wish we could all be like little children, so full of hope, kindness, and joy.

So yeah. Pretty sweet week. Also I'm teaching my companion to speak Hawaiian Creole English. In honor of this joyous moment for da Pidgin Language.


Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.