Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thisspacebar only worklikeshalf thetime..... /TRANSFERRED TO B..U......R...........

Sitting in this internet cafe litterally pounding on the spacebar just to getit towork. Ugh.
Forgive me for thetotal lack of spaces in thisemail. Neverenoughtimeeee

Also Thank you all for the cards and food! Got to pick up mail at thispasttransfer meeting andyeeeeeeee
Mahalo Nui Loa!

So Igot transferred out of Surin. Get ready for the plottwist!

Transferred to.........
So literally like an hour west/60 km away from Surin. So close that we are still in a district together and Iwill still be able to go to Surin for meetings and trainings. Hahahahaha. Plottwist.

A bit about the area
Buriram-Home to Thailands best soccer team,Buriram United
We also have a huge race track and people here sure love their motorcycles.
Although I am still in the Essan, thiscity is waybiggerthan Surin. So much people. So many people. Just yeah. Cant getoverhow much more peoplethere are here in Buriram.
Its gonna be a great transfer. Iknow it.Big thingsaregonna come out of Buriram!

​Me and my new comp Elder Powers!
Yeee Fun facts:
His first language is French, he grew up in northern Maine right next tothe borderof Canada!
He is about to hit his year mark on the31st of December!
He's a baller of a missionary and speaks Thai like aboss!

This poster we tooka picturewith is basically a hugeinviting card that says (translated for your benefit) "Want to be cleaned from sins? 

​Legit condos for us missionaries here in Thailand. Buriram's house isway nice,andway solid for a two elder area.

Hopefully these pictures come through....

Some interesting thoughts?
No matter where you are. You will be successful. Also we need to recognize that although things may not be going according to our plan. They are going according to HIS plan. And that's all that matters. Because in the end, everything will work out and be alright. Because a Savior was born, we can find ASSURANCE in the darkest of times. Enjoy these videos!

Happy Holidays. Never forget the reason for the season!

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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