Sunday, August 28, 2016


Just a bit about the dream


Serving in Rangsit! Probably one of the most amazing areas in this whole mission...

Well yesterday we had around 150+ people at church!!!!! Like a ton of investigators and less actives and recent converts and this is the most functioning ward I have ever seen. The effectiveness of this ward rivals that of my ward at BYU my freshmen year...

What else.
I'm follow up training this epic GREENIE. He's on his second transfer, but speaks Thai so clear!!!!!!! Also the new district/group of elders I am with. If you add up how long all three of them have been serving in Thailand it is still less than how long I have been in country. Bruuuhhhh...

ALSO I TRANSLATED FOR AN AREA 70 and Brother Heaton from the MTC.
Yeah, so yesterday the mission president and Asia area president came. So I translated for Elder Funk and also Bro. Heaton. And it WAS EPIC. Translating and getting to hear the things he was sharing and hahahah WOW I LOVE THAILAND.

Then me and my comp went on comp exchanges and then I taught with Elder and Sister Funk in Thai!

Also last week we went paintballing it was sorta sore..... And then today we went up to Ayuttahaya again....This is my third time, but Thailand is so legit so it doesn't even matter that I've been there multiple times.

So yeah. Quick captions for the pics.
Because this is Thailand there are tigers like everywhere. Like this 5 month baby tiger just chilling. Dude. Thailand.

And yeah, Me and Elder Aposhian. He's from Farmington Utah, and is way legit. Sang in the BYU Men's chorus. Yeah.

Quick closing thought.

One of the most spiritual experiences I have consistently has been committing people to be baptized. Seeing people listen to me as I say "Are you willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority of God?" Idk. Just something that sorta hit me yesterday cause we gave a few more investigators baptismal dates. Just seeing it all click in their heads like woah. This is what they need to do, this is the time to change. Stoked so much like  I can't even control my excitement cause I am so stoked and like I took more elephant pics but I have no time so yeah.

Good luck at college if youre in college. or like school too.
Love you all. Stay safe.
Go jump in the ocean for me or something.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.


We also got the following from Elder Ellis' Mission President this week:
"The Lord has called your son, Elder Ellis, to serve as a District Leader of the Rangsit in the Bangkok North Zone of the Thailand Bangkok Mission."
"...the Lord has called your son, Elder Ellis, to serve as the trainer of a new missionary. This is a position which reflects our sincere faith and confidence in your son."

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Highlight of the week was a companion exchange with this stud. Had a sweet day working over in Bangnaa.

Highlights of the day:
  • Walking through and inviting in a neighborhood, saw a guy selling these chicken hearts for the cheap price of 10 baht for 6 pieces! Oh you know we bought them. And ate them. Hardest part to get over was the crunchy intestines and tubes. Fairly chewy, sweet Thai BBQ flavor. 10/10 would not buy them again hahah. Gotta do it for the experience.
  • Had an appointment with an investigator and then she didn't show up but had sent a motorcycle taxi driver to return the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets that Elder Cecil had given her a few lessons ago....
  • Went down a random road and see a guy staggering around with a cigarette and some alcohol and on the other side of the small road was what looked like a kind old lady. Elder Cecil runs to talk to the lady so I go and talk to the guy. Plot twist, the guy was super nice, gave us some water and was down to meet again later where as the women gave Elder Cecil a cold shoulder. 
  • Went out to go visit a part member family. They had kimchee! And watermelon! And a bunch of grass/leaves that tasted like carrots! So I ate it all. Watermelon, kimchee, and leaves because Elder Cecil is allergic to melons and the kimchee was too spicy and leaves cause leaves. He got the som tam (tam Lao! With the crab and rotten fish, super tasty!) and a lot of rice.
To summarize. Bangnaa is way legit and super fun and being a missionary in Thailand is like the best thing ever.

​Back to Samut Prakan. Transfers are this week, no one knows anything yet. But I've got a feeling I'll stay here for another 6 weeks. Which would make my total time her 6 MONTHS! Super long. One of our investigators has passed his baptismal interview. Way sweet story, he's a self-referral that had asked to meet with missionaries. Went and taught him, and here's the best part...HE FOLLOWED THROUGH ON COMMITMENTS. Every assignment to pray, he did. To read, he did. And because of his willingness he knows what we share with him to be true. Not because he trusts us missionaries but because he asked God. And got an answer. Because this is all real.

"Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be faithful to him."

Also another personal favorite

"....Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness."

Just a bit more about the power of faith. It's strong stuff if we use it. IF we follow the commandments and do the things we need, we see the blessings. But as long as we continue in a path that's not so good, or that we think is good but is really bad. Nothing. You will never have the pure happiness if you're living with guilt. Anything that's hidden will come exposed one day. So yeah. Be happy. Choose the right.

Paintball time.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


​Bangkok has super sweet stuff. Like laser tag.

SO for this week here in Samut Prakaannnnn.
What did we do?
Well we worked. Like it's the same grind. Guess I'll share two stories.

1-Sister Oh
We were on a bus and I was making phone calls, calling every single person that I didn't know in our phone book. Went through and called her. She picked up, didn't know who we were at first, then realized woah. It's the missionaries. So we set up an appointment and met with her. We introduce ourselves, talk and get to know her and then ask her about how praying has been going in her life. And this is were it got trippy cause she just gets the most excited face on. She goes and shares about how she was just praying and thinking about church for the first time in around a year. Right after that we had called her. And because of this experience she has gone insane on sharing the gospel and the power of prayer with her friends! STOKING.

2-The only question is...
Whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. If it is true, everything else falls into place. If it is true, Joseph Smith truly did receive revelation. If it is true, modern revelation is a thing. Seriously everything falls into place. Two quick instances of how epicly this worked this week.
We had an investigator, didn't really understand much at first but agreed to go to church, came to church, still didn't understand much, but then he said he felt good. Fast forward a few days, we are teaching him again and now it just seems like something changed. We are going through asking him questions. Then I ask him "Hey, do you feel like the Book of Mormon is true?" His answer just blows me away. "I know it is true. I prayed like you asked me and told God that if this book is true, help me understand it." He understands the Book of Mormon. Us and the members were just blown away. You could say he's progressing
Another family we were teaching we asked them to pray about the Book of Mormon. We had to follow up with them quite a bit. But then they did it. The know that the Book of Mormon is true and because of this knowledge all the commandments and teachings are of little problem to them, no matter how big or little the changes they need to make are.

"And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things."
When it comes to the end of the day, or when we face those tough questions. Sometimes it doesn't always make sense. But what is certain is God's love. It's not always important to have every single answer, but what we can find comfort in is that their is someone that promises to love us. Unconditionally and without bounds.

My trainer's younger brother is a missionary, and he got his visa and his headed to Provooo MTC. After that he's off to the outback of Australia!! SO sick.

His name is Elder Sayavong.

His name is Elder Sayavong.

My name is Elder Ellis (HI!).


We also ate dinner with the elders quorum president

These are the buses that we ride pretty often here in thailand. i dont think it'd be legal to do this in america

Have fun at school homies!

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

How many people have made paper towel mummies?

​This pic is pretty much the highlight of my week. A sign necessary to help us understand how to properly use a paper towel dispenser. And also the consequences of mis-proper use. Oh Thailand. How many people did this before a sign actually had to be made?

Thailand. Thailand. Oh Thailand.
Well. To start off, I'm gonna talk about how life in Thailand really is. If you've lived in Thailand you know that the standard of living is....different. It rained every other day this week. Which also means that our kitchen was flooded with around 2 inches of water every day also hahahahahha. We had came home right before it started to rain and started making some dinner right before we planned and then as we are making our food. The rain came down. At first it's alright. But pretty soon our kitchen has a few waterfalls coming down. So yes, I never regret buying anything that's water proof/water resistant. But really it's actually amazing. The food, the people, the awesome swimming in our house. I love it all.

Saturday. And the Power of Planning.
Making phone calls is such a little thing that really makes all the difference. We've been having a hard time meeting with a lot of our investigators during the week, but we still keep in contact through the phone. And then we start planning epic days with a ton of investigators. And then we confirm those plans like 3 times. Then Saturday. We finish studies, meet a member and hit the pavement. Well. Actually jump in a taxi. Then start going. And teaching. And then rushing again. Literally everywhere, doing everything, committing people to CHANGE THEIR LIVES!

On the topic of changing lives.
Teaching an awesome Buddhist guy. Doesn't know anything about Christianity and is just trying to find something new and possibly change his life. So we shared some commandments and talked about how to really know that God is real. Talking about praying and truly communicating with God. So he took this all very seriously and has committed for 1 month from a few days ago to cut out every single behavior that is contrary to any commandment we have taught him and to pray with all his heart. This is some serious commitment. He wants to know who our Heavenly Father is and won't stop until he learns. I love it. We love him. He's a baller.

Shots from last weeks bow fighting madness....

The Book of Mormon
It testifies of Christ. And I have seen this power working through lives of people who have no idea about Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. If you read with real intent you will learn about how much Christ loves us and loves you! This week my studies were focused around Mosiah. Specifically Mosiah 14-16. These chapters really help us and can help anyone learn a little bit more about Christ and feel closer to His love.

It's what's up.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.