Sunday, July 31, 2016


Bro. Jack is a recently returned less active member that we have been working with. He's a boss. Literally. He's been here working in Thailand for 10 years and has a family. FAMILIES. So sweet to see Jack baptize his son Henry. He's got a pretty crazy story of being an active member in another ward here in Thailand, but then moving and losing contact with the church until he calls us. We find him, help him come back to full activity and get the priesthood and bam. Here we go!

So. Yeah. It's been another interesting week in Samut Prakaan. It's never not interesting. There's always something new and crazy going on. This week we had decided to really try and plan our days as effective as possible. The area is pretty huge and a lot of time has been spent with travelling back and forth to get to different people. So we decided to work and try to split the area up day by day. One day we stay out on this road, another on a different road. And wow. We didn't realize how much time we actually spent travelling all over. We've been up-ing the amount of people we go and find and yup. It's pretty sweet.

On the topic of fun stuff, smoking is a huge problem here in Thailand. Every single missionary in Thailand can attest to this issue. It's really gross how everyone here smokes EVERYWHERE. So we have also been working on going up to people and grabbing their cigarettes out of their mouth. Most of the time they're just too confused and look sorta sad. A few times these people were really thankful. Pretty funny to see the look on their face when you ask them "Hey can I have your cigarette?" 
Then you take it and throw it into the road.
Then a bus runs over it. 
And their faces are just like... O.0"
HAHAHA. They're just so confused, but then they realize that you're doing it out of love. So then their heart is softened and they express a desire to really quit smoking.
I hope I don't get lung problems from talking to all these people all the time....

"And my prayer to God is concerning my brethren, that they may once again come to the knowledge of God, yea, the redemption of Christ; that they may once again be a delightsome people."

Love is the motive.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Sunday is a powerful day. One of the favorite things that I have grown to love in Thailand has been the after church pot-lucks. Sunday, the day of  rest. Also GAME DAY!
Sunday potlucks with these rocking members
So this week. It was a grind. Probably one of the most tiring and exciting weeks I have had on my whole mission. Working with all of our investigators that are progressing towards their baptismal date. It's pretty crazy how much work there is here. We've been going out and just chasing down people from house to house, constantly looking for those elect that are super prepared and ready. All this fast paced work really makes you tired. There has hardly been a night where me and Elder Cheney are able to stay up past 10:00 pm. But wow. It was a grind of teaching and trying to help people the best that we can and then just like. Bruh. By Saturday night we are just dragging. Making calls trying to get people stoked about Church on Sunday. Then Sunday comes around and you're rushing and you and your comp go and splits with some members cause you gotta double your effectiveness. Then everything is rushing like woah we got so little time, gotta move faster. Then you get to church and just wait. And relax. And somehow, every little thing just works out. All these people show up. Interviews for baptism go smoothly. People are just walking through the doors and. Finally. Yes. A day of rest. Finally seeing the labors of all week come to something.

2 Nephi 25:23-"For we labor diligently to write, to persuade our children, and also our brethren, to believe in Christ, and to be reconciled to God; for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do."
Yes. It is true through grace we will all be saved. But there's the condition right there. After we do what we can. After we give it our all. There have been so many countless times since coming to Thailand where we give it our all. And then somehow. Something more happens. God loves us so much that he helps us, helps us do so much more that we think we can do on our own. HAHAH I love this. Being in Thailand is sick. 
pic credit to Elder Cecil in the district
​Also we went back to my stomping grounds (China Town). I love it here. But you see. This is how badly we stick out. Just a tall white guy casually walking through, no big deal. Hahaha. Also try to see if you can spot me in the pic. I feel like I blend in pretty well.

OH Hey. funny story.
Well fav miracle of the week and then the funny story.
We were calling a ton of former investigators with the last few minutes of each night this week, just trying to get people STOKED. Sunday came around and plot twist, some number calls us. We just sorta assume it was someone that we forgot to save in the phone but he showed up. Drove 1 hour to get to the old church building. Calls us cause it was closed. So then proceeds to drive another 1 hour to go to the church in Srinakharin. And then he expresses how much faith he has, after being taught by the Assistants to the President. Quick back story, he was taught by the APs in Asoke, then moved and disappeared. And now he's back. Woaj

So we are heading back to our area after having a meeting in Bangkok. Just chilling on the BTS (attach pic on the blog of the...train. in the sky....uh i dont remember what it's called). A few of the elders are together talking, we find a few people that were former investigators so they're talking with those people. I move a bit to a space with a little bit more room, then I notice this group taking pictures of all the tall white people speaking Thai. It's pretty funny because they think that they are so sneaky. Like making selfie poses and then really just taking videos of the other elders. So then they continue taking video and pics. So I watch them for around 15 minutes. It comes to the last stop, they get off so I ask them "Hey which person do you want a picture of?" The group just loses it cause they realize they've been caught, everyone on the car loses it also cause they've been watching it for such a long time, and then we proceed to take the phone and give a nice good solid selfie. Plot twist on our was actually a video. But hey, there's now a video on someones FB of some white guys speaking Thai inviting people to church!

Never gonna not love Thailand.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Monday, July 18, 2016

If this wasn't one of your childhood dreams....

​This is Bow Fight. A converted soccer field into a death match style game in which you shoot bows and (foam tipped) arrows against your opponents. Literally if this was not one of your childhood dreams. Idk.
Bow Fight, complete with paint ball barriers, and just so much craziness. Starting from the back line, you have to run to the center, grab a bow and some arrows. And then the madness begins. 2 hours of running and crouching and diving and ducking. 

Here I am, staying for another 6 weeks in Samut Prakaan. Same comp same area, but now we are more experienced with the area. Good things always coming from Samut Prakaan.

Epic story of the week
We were waiting for an investigator to show up for our lesson, chilling in a food court of a Tesco Lotus (The equivalent of maybe like a K-Mart/Wal-mart in Thailand) just waiting in the food court. As we are waiting and making calls, a lady comes up and gives us a strange look, so we notice her, but don't think much because this is Thailand. And we are foreigners. But then she comes closer, so we start talking to her and shares how she has a daughter interesting in switching religions and wants to know "How do you change religions?" So we get her number, set an appointment. First appointment doesn't go through, so we try again. Second time is the charm, we go and meet her at her house, thinking her daughter was the only one interested. Turns out, her and her two daughters and her son were all interested in learning about Christianity. And on top of all this, they share that they met some other white people who gave them some pamphlet about Christianity. So me goes and thinks, oh well that's nice probably wasn't missionaries like us. We ask them if they can go and grab the pamphlet and bring it here. And then here's the trippy part.

OUT COMES A BOOK OF MORMON. Old translation, probably around 5+ years old. WHAT. This family has been reading from the Book of Mormon for around 5 years, but just never found the missionaries again that gave it to them. Until that one day, she had no idea what she was going to Tesco for, just sorta in there cause she had some free time. Then she saw two white guys, dressed nicely, wearing ties and slacks. And WHAT. WOAH. And then this happened. They all had told us that they wouldn't be willing to meet with us if they weren't willing to change religions.

Wow that was way long. But probably the highlight of my whole week. So totes worth it.

Just a quick thought...
I'm not as young as I think I am being a missionary. I've been serving as a missionary for just over a year already and through my service I have found some scriptures that really really motivate me and get me pumped to be a missionary. Keep in mind, these are just my personal ideas, and everyone has to go out and do what works for them but here it goes. (feeling lazy so go search up the references on your own some time)

  • D&C 58:26: Be willing in doing all things, if you're not gonna do it with your heart in it, don't waste your time.
  • 2 Nephi 4:26-35: Never give up. Once you understand the blessings, there's no turning back. Trust in the Lord and ask for help in all things. Work hard, and then get help from our Heavenly Father who LOVES US. Unconditionally จริงๆ.
Stoked for another 6 weeks here.

Forgot to take pics this week, so this will have to suffice.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chonburi, and the Homies, Thailand Zoos and Investigators

Chonburi, and the Homies

Well. I emailed just a few days ago. And it feels like nothing much has changed except a lot.

Took a trip to work down in Chonburi going out and supporting the members and meeting some of their friends that are interested in learning about Christianity. Just gotta say, the people down in Chonburi are amazing and SO prepared. There are so many humble hearts that truly have a desire to learn and to serve and to change! One day missionaries will be serving in Chonburi full time. 

Also down in Chonburi, got the chance to go down to the city called SRIRACHA! As in the amazing hot sauce stuff. Yeah, went there, visited a few member families. SRIRACHA! ****pictures of the red rooster on the bottle of hot sauce yeahhh****

So sad, but this great Laos guy is headed home back to Laos to take care of his family. It's been real. And he's a crazy strong example of faith. A small trial because the village that he is from is a few hours away from the only church building in Laos. We know that he will stay true and strong. And to even help him out more so, we had set him up with a bunch of extra pamphlets and Book of Mormons in Laos. He has the strongest desire to share the gospel with all his friends and family!

Thailand Zoos and Investigators

So some background on why I find this picture HILARIOUS. Last time we came to the zoo, we were taking epic pictures of the animals and getting up like 2 inches away from the cages....And then we get to the monkeys and the monkeys were chilling and holding out their hands so we get some sweet pics of real close to the monkey's face. And then yeah. The monkey was stronger than us....จบ. HAHAHAHAH, same monkey, surprised to see that the monkey is like still doing good after eating the whole camera....But yes. The monkeys are smart. These animals are smart. The first cage is to keep the animals in. But the second fence is to keep the humans out.

Whats goood. (Thailand)

So this past week we had some interesting scheduling of conferences and interviews and therefore full effective work days were reduced to Thursday-Sunday. Didn't let this stop anything and we have gotten the ball rolling with some really amazing people.

He actually has been searching for answers in life because he's been feeling that the path he is currently on isn't as peaceful as it should be. One day, he's driving in downtown Asoke and passes the mission office. He parks his car, walks into the office, and just asks very strongly for someone to teach him about religion. Since that time he has been reading, and really trying to apply himself and search for a sincere answer to his questions.

ข้าวฟ่าง/Khaw fang
She was actually taught by missionaries over in a different province around 2 years ago. Then she moved to Bangkok and then lost in contact with missionaries. She thought she could read the scriptures and pray and that was enough. But no, she got in touch with one of the original missionaries who taught her, he reminded her how important going to church and getting baptized really is. Long story short, she's back and is way legit.

He's hapa! He's half Thai and half African. His dad has been a member for around 1.5 years, but moved to Samut Prakaan a few months ago and couldn't find the church. One day we reach out to him thinking that he was an investigator, but then we realize that he's a father! Father of Henry! And Henry is 9! Once his father's records are moved WEEHA!

Just gotta say, this area has changed and grown so much. Way more than we thought was even possible. Going out and working and praying and not just praying and asking but also praying and doing. Going and applying and searching for the things that we ask. It doesn't matter if we don't get what we ask or need for at first. Because if it's truly necessary, we will get these things. We can just never give up, and never lose the faith.

I love being a missionary in Thailand.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.