Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chonburi, and the Homies, Thailand Zoos and Investigators

Chonburi, and the Homies

Well. I emailed just a few days ago. And it feels like nothing much has changed except a lot.

Took a trip to work down in Chonburi going out and supporting the members and meeting some of their friends that are interested in learning about Christianity. Just gotta say, the people down in Chonburi are amazing and SO prepared. There are so many humble hearts that truly have a desire to learn and to serve and to change! One day missionaries will be serving in Chonburi full time. 

Also down in Chonburi, got the chance to go down to the city called SRIRACHA! As in the amazing hot sauce stuff. Yeah, went there, visited a few member families. SRIRACHA! ****pictures of the red rooster on the bottle of hot sauce yeahhh****

So sad, but this great Laos guy is headed home back to Laos to take care of his family. It's been real. And he's a crazy strong example of faith. A small trial because the village that he is from is a few hours away from the only church building in Laos. We know that he will stay true and strong. And to even help him out more so, we had set him up with a bunch of extra pamphlets and Book of Mormons in Laos. He has the strongest desire to share the gospel with all his friends and family!

Thailand Zoos and Investigators

So some background on why I find this picture HILARIOUS. Last time we came to the zoo, we were taking epic pictures of the animals and getting up like 2 inches away from the cages....And then we get to the monkeys and the monkeys were chilling and holding out their hands so we get some sweet pics of real close to the monkey's face. And then yeah. The monkey was stronger than us....จบ. HAHAHAHAH, same monkey, surprised to see that the monkey is like still doing good after eating the whole camera....But yes. The monkeys are smart. These animals are smart. The first cage is to keep the animals in. But the second fence is to keep the humans out.

Whats goood. (Thailand)

So this past week we had some interesting scheduling of conferences and interviews and therefore full effective work days were reduced to Thursday-Sunday. Didn't let this stop anything and we have gotten the ball rolling with some really amazing people.

He actually has been searching for answers in life because he's been feeling that the path he is currently on isn't as peaceful as it should be. One day, he's driving in downtown Asoke and passes the mission office. He parks his car, walks into the office, and just asks very strongly for someone to teach him about religion. Since that time he has been reading, and really trying to apply himself and search for a sincere answer to his questions.

ข้าวฟ่าง/Khaw fang
She was actually taught by missionaries over in a different province around 2 years ago. Then she moved to Bangkok and then lost in contact with missionaries. She thought she could read the scriptures and pray and that was enough. But no, she got in touch with one of the original missionaries who taught her, he reminded her how important going to church and getting baptized really is. Long story short, she's back and is way legit.

He's hapa! He's half Thai and half African. His dad has been a member for around 1.5 years, but moved to Samut Prakaan a few months ago and couldn't find the church. One day we reach out to him thinking that he was an investigator, but then we realize that he's a father! Father of Henry! And Henry is 9! Once his father's records are moved WEEHA!

Just gotta say, this area has changed and grown so much. Way more than we thought was even possible. Going out and working and praying and not just praying and asking but also praying and doing. Going and applying and searching for the things that we ask. It doesn't matter if we don't get what we ask or need for at first. Because if it's truly necessary, we will get these things. We can just never give up, and never lose the faith.

I love being a missionary in Thailand.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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