Sunday, July 24, 2016


Sunday is a powerful day. One of the favorite things that I have grown to love in Thailand has been the after church pot-lucks. Sunday, the day of  rest. Also GAME DAY!
Sunday potlucks with these rocking members
So this week. It was a grind. Probably one of the most tiring and exciting weeks I have had on my whole mission. Working with all of our investigators that are progressing towards their baptismal date. It's pretty crazy how much work there is here. We've been going out and just chasing down people from house to house, constantly looking for those elect that are super prepared and ready. All this fast paced work really makes you tired. There has hardly been a night where me and Elder Cheney are able to stay up past 10:00 pm. But wow. It was a grind of teaching and trying to help people the best that we can and then just like. Bruh. By Saturday night we are just dragging. Making calls trying to get people stoked about Church on Sunday. Then Sunday comes around and you're rushing and you and your comp go and splits with some members cause you gotta double your effectiveness. Then everything is rushing like woah we got so little time, gotta move faster. Then you get to church and just wait. And relax. And somehow, every little thing just works out. All these people show up. Interviews for baptism go smoothly. People are just walking through the doors and. Finally. Yes. A day of rest. Finally seeing the labors of all week come to something.

2 Nephi 25:23-"For we labor diligently to write, to persuade our children, and also our brethren, to believe in Christ, and to be reconciled to God; for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do."
Yes. It is true through grace we will all be saved. But there's the condition right there. After we do what we can. After we give it our all. There have been so many countless times since coming to Thailand where we give it our all. And then somehow. Something more happens. God loves us so much that he helps us, helps us do so much more that we think we can do on our own. HAHAH I love this. Being in Thailand is sick. 
pic credit to Elder Cecil in the district
​Also we went back to my stomping grounds (China Town). I love it here. But you see. This is how badly we stick out. Just a tall white guy casually walking through, no big deal. Hahaha. Also try to see if you can spot me in the pic. I feel like I blend in pretty well.

OH Hey. funny story.
Well fav miracle of the week and then the funny story.
We were calling a ton of former investigators with the last few minutes of each night this week, just trying to get people STOKED. Sunday came around and plot twist, some number calls us. We just sorta assume it was someone that we forgot to save in the phone but he showed up. Drove 1 hour to get to the old church building. Calls us cause it was closed. So then proceeds to drive another 1 hour to go to the church in Srinakharin. And then he expresses how much faith he has, after being taught by the Assistants to the President. Quick back story, he was taught by the APs in Asoke, then moved and disappeared. And now he's back. Woaj

So we are heading back to our area after having a meeting in Bangkok. Just chilling on the BTS (attach pic on the blog of the...train. in the sky....uh i dont remember what it's called). A few of the elders are together talking, we find a few people that were former investigators so they're talking with those people. I move a bit to a space with a little bit more room, then I notice this group taking pictures of all the tall white people speaking Thai. It's pretty funny because they think that they are so sneaky. Like making selfie poses and then really just taking videos of the other elders. So then they continue taking video and pics. So I watch them for around 15 minutes. It comes to the last stop, they get off so I ask them "Hey which person do you want a picture of?" The group just loses it cause they realize they've been caught, everyone on the car loses it also cause they've been watching it for such a long time, and then we proceed to take the phone and give a nice good solid selfie. Plot twist on our was actually a video. But hey, there's now a video on someones FB of some white guys speaking Thai inviting people to church!

Never gonna not love Thailand.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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