Sunday, August 7, 2016

How many people have made paper towel mummies?

​This pic is pretty much the highlight of my week. A sign necessary to help us understand how to properly use a paper towel dispenser. And also the consequences of mis-proper use. Oh Thailand. How many people did this before a sign actually had to be made?

Thailand. Thailand. Oh Thailand.
Well. To start off, I'm gonna talk about how life in Thailand really is. If you've lived in Thailand you know that the standard of living is....different. It rained every other day this week. Which also means that our kitchen was flooded with around 2 inches of water every day also hahahahahha. We had came home right before it started to rain and started making some dinner right before we planned and then as we are making our food. The rain came down. At first it's alright. But pretty soon our kitchen has a few waterfalls coming down. So yes, I never regret buying anything that's water proof/water resistant. But really it's actually amazing. The food, the people, the awesome swimming in our house. I love it all.

Saturday. And the Power of Planning.
Making phone calls is such a little thing that really makes all the difference. We've been having a hard time meeting with a lot of our investigators during the week, but we still keep in contact through the phone. And then we start planning epic days with a ton of investigators. And then we confirm those plans like 3 times. Then Saturday. We finish studies, meet a member and hit the pavement. Well. Actually jump in a taxi. Then start going. And teaching. And then rushing again. Literally everywhere, doing everything, committing people to CHANGE THEIR LIVES!

On the topic of changing lives.
Teaching an awesome Buddhist guy. Doesn't know anything about Christianity and is just trying to find something new and possibly change his life. So we shared some commandments and talked about how to really know that God is real. Talking about praying and truly communicating with God. So he took this all very seriously and has committed for 1 month from a few days ago to cut out every single behavior that is contrary to any commandment we have taught him and to pray with all his heart. This is some serious commitment. He wants to know who our Heavenly Father is and won't stop until he learns. I love it. We love him. He's a baller.

Shots from last weeks bow fighting madness....

The Book of Mormon
It testifies of Christ. And I have seen this power working through lives of people who have no idea about Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. If you read with real intent you will learn about how much Christ loves us and loves you! This week my studies were focused around Mosiah. Specifically Mosiah 14-16. These chapters really help us and can help anyone learn a little bit more about Christ and feel closer to His love.

It's what's up.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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