Sunday, August 28, 2016


Just a bit about the dream


Serving in Rangsit! Probably one of the most amazing areas in this whole mission...

Well yesterday we had around 150+ people at church!!!!! Like a ton of investigators and less actives and recent converts and this is the most functioning ward I have ever seen. The effectiveness of this ward rivals that of my ward at BYU my freshmen year...

What else.
I'm follow up training this epic GREENIE. He's on his second transfer, but speaks Thai so clear!!!!!!! Also the new district/group of elders I am with. If you add up how long all three of them have been serving in Thailand it is still less than how long I have been in country. Bruuuhhhh...

ALSO I TRANSLATED FOR AN AREA 70 and Brother Heaton from the MTC.
Yeah, so yesterday the mission president and Asia area president came. So I translated for Elder Funk and also Bro. Heaton. And it WAS EPIC. Translating and getting to hear the things he was sharing and hahahah WOW I LOVE THAILAND.

Then me and my comp went on comp exchanges and then I taught with Elder and Sister Funk in Thai!

Also last week we went paintballing it was sorta sore..... And then today we went up to Ayuttahaya again....This is my third time, but Thailand is so legit so it doesn't even matter that I've been there multiple times.

So yeah. Quick captions for the pics.
Because this is Thailand there are tigers like everywhere. Like this 5 month baby tiger just chilling. Dude. Thailand.

And yeah, Me and Elder Aposhian. He's from Farmington Utah, and is way legit. Sang in the BYU Men's chorus. Yeah.

Quick closing thought.

One of the most spiritual experiences I have consistently has been committing people to be baptized. Seeing people listen to me as I say "Are you willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority of God?" Idk. Just something that sorta hit me yesterday cause we gave a few more investigators baptismal dates. Just seeing it all click in their heads like woah. This is what they need to do, this is the time to change. Stoked so much like  I can't even control my excitement cause I am so stoked and like I took more elephant pics but I have no time so yeah.

Good luck at college if youre in college. or like school too.
Love you all. Stay safe.
Go jump in the ocean for me or something.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.


We also got the following from Elder Ellis' Mission President this week:
"The Lord has called your son, Elder Ellis, to serve as a District Leader of the Rangsit in the Bangkok North Zone of the Thailand Bangkok Mission."
"...the Lord has called your son, Elder Ellis, to serve as the trainer of a new missionary. This is a position which reflects our sincere faith and confidence in your son."

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