Sunday, November 22, 2015

A(fter) B(aptism), C(ambodian), DENGUE, & E(lephants)

After Baptism-Way way way important to teach recent converts there after baptism lessons. You really need to strengthen them always. Conversion is a process, not a single event. You must continually be helping and strengthening them to gain a greater conversion to the Gospel. These lessons honestly make a big difference in the RC's life. I've seen it with my own converts, those that were taught and supported are so strong. After Baptism lessons. Way way way important. Keep on teaching, keep on supporting, keep on loving. 
We have an LA, from Cambodia but he speaks Thai. Like a boss. And this is really an amazing member. We had met with him and he had just casually said, "Yeah, when I was baptized in Sisaket, I helped teach 10 of my friends." Like woah. This was a member that really found joy in the gospel and shared it. So amazing. He had gone less active mainly because he moved to Surin and then no longer had a way to come to church. But being the diligent and prayerful member he is, he figured out the perfect way to find a ride back to church. He has two friends that have mopeds and he asked us to teach his friends because 1- they are interested in learning about the gospel and 2-They have mopeds so when they come to church he can come to church also. Yeah Cambodian. Teaching the LA and his friend one time this week, the friend wasn't totally understanding the concept so the LA, Bro. Nem, explained it in Cambodian. I didn't realize they were speaking Cambodian so I was nodding my head like "Yeah, this is awesome!" And then they turn to me and ask if I speak Cambodian....hahahah....yeah no....I can't speak Cambodian.

We go to the hospital. Elder Bunker gets some blood drawn. He was positive for dengue. But good thing, He is now completely healed. Funny story, two days after we found out he had dengue his skin started like getting all these red rash like dots. So all three of us in the trio were super scared. We weren't sure if he had an allergic reaction to the medication. But then we call the Thailand Bangkok Mission nurse and ask her. Apparently his platelets were just falling out of his blood. No big deal. Elder Bunker is a legend!

Elephant festival. 
Just so much elephants. I mean not much to say cause it was just a bunch of elephants eating food. In the middle of the city. Also, way way good inviting at this festival cause there was a ton of people all in the same area. Cheee Enjoy the pictures.

Pics are way sweet and how can you not be feeling good when you have an attitude of gratitude in your heart!

Love you all. Have a blessed week!

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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