Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Going hard in the paint", Water Cats, and the Greenie Switchoff

oh Thailand. So this week's recap....

Moving at the speed of sound trying to do everything before it gets late and then you go to sleep and then you wake up and you just sorta sit there for a minute like....did I even sleep? then you realize you're wasting time and you gotta get ready and then after studying is done you go and work again and like. Woah. Where is the time going? I can hardly remember what I did this week....It's a good thing I got a post-it note of things I feel like sharing.

Sorry no pictures this week, I broke my SD card reader and I forgot my cable....didn't really take any pictures so meh. Oh well. We shall see what next week brings.

"Going hard in the paint"
It's a phrase that pretty much explains Thailand Bangkok Missionaries. You work hard. And then harder. And then you just don't stop. You just go hard. Like you can rest when you sleep but there's so much work go hard. Always. The phrase doesn't make that much sense. It's a bit contextual. But if you understand. You got me. Going hard in the paint. Giving it your all. Every last bit of strength, might, mind, and strength. Going hard in the paint. Chee.

Tuk Tuk
Greenie Switch off
So you take the two most inexperienced missionaries in the house and you put them together for a day. So basically the whole day, it was me and Elder Dailey. Doing everything from hailing a tuk tuk to directing a bicycle taxi where to take Elder Dailey. It's pretty funny cause during our switch off everywhere we would go, the Thai people would talk to me and ask if I was like his translator. Jokes on them though cause I only understood maybe 75% of everything they were saying. But yes. I am still alive. I got his bandaged changed, we taught a legit lesson about the Restoration of the Church and the Plan of Salvation. This switch off was really a test of my faith and trust. Honestly, I was terrified and scared out of my mind. I felt totally inadequate, like I can't speak Thai at all....but somehow things worked out. Through prayer and faith that everything would be alright. It was alright. Faith comes before miracles. And that day was a day of miracles.

Bike Taxi
Transportation this week included these truck taxis. Think flat bed trucks with two benches in the back and then a little extra space to like step up and hold onto. Idk how to explain it. Ill take a picture this week and attach it next probably....
Truck Taxi

Ties. Skinny Ties. Im going on that mass production vibe. P-day is Tie Day. Big things coming soon next week.

Shout out to this sister in the branch. She's got her mission call to serve in the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission. She speaks English like a boss. And also taught herself Mandarin. This branch of around 45 people have 2 missionaries in the field, this sister with her call, and then two more boys almost done with their papers. Big things coming soon!

Mission Pro-tips
SD-cards or USB drives to download bible videos and Mormon messages to share them with investigators/LA's/RC's. Also if you ever get into making your own ties honestly you only need half a meter of fabric. Just saying if you cut them yourselves and also if you like skinny ties. A little wider will mean a little more fabric. But you already knew that.

Water Cats
Elder Sayavong held up this like little bath toy he bought of a seal. And I ask him what he was doing, cause I see him from the opposite desk and he just says "I'm playing with my...uhhh...water cat." I was super confused. It turns out, the Thai word for seal/sea lion is water cat. Makes sense.

So this week cause I'm feeling like things are finally clicking, Alma 26. This is the chapter to study. Cause just when you think you can't get much happier than this. You read Alma 26 and BAM! Happiness overload.

Good Vibes. Thailand Wide.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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