Sunday, November 15, 2015

DAT TRI LIFE (LAFAC) Sick! and Elephants (Just the Usual)

Oh yeah. You know whats happening.....I am in a trio!
Sickest trio in Thailand. And I mean that literally. Cause we've got fevers, coughs, sneezing, pressure in the sinuses. Oh yeah. Let's do this!

So it's been a great 2 transfers in Surin, and.........YUP still in Surin, good fun here. Elephant festival is in full effect and we had gone inviting inside the festival, and like WOAH! So many people. I honestly haven't seen this many people in ever. Way amazing, this is gonna be a great week to find some more investigators. Like how can it get any better, we are talking to awesome people and to top it all off there are elephants all around! Elephants. I love elephants. I think Surin has more elephants than people sometimes.....

Elder Sayavong
My awesome Khon Lao father, well now he has moved on to bigger and better things. He's a zone leader for one of the zones in Bangkok. I have learned so much from him and he really has shaped my mission completely. Its way amazing! His dedication and inspiration has made me want to be the best and most amazing missionary that I can possibly be. And truly the only way to do this is through giving it all. Giving our desires, our everything to God. God knows what we need and He loves us so much that He will guide us on our right path.

There are now 5 elders here in Surin. and like our room wasn't that big...But hold on. We found out that we had the frame for a bunk bed! Oh yeah. Bunk beds are way awesome.

My new companions are Elder Armonthep-way awesome Khon Thai that has been a member for 2 years and 6 months. And he has been a missionary for 1 year and 6 months. Yeah do the math. He was a member for just one year and then had left on his mission. He also plans to study in Utah. But not at BYU! His English is amazing, and yup.

I love learning from Khon Thai and Khon Lao's!

Elder Bunker-He's a way awesome elder and was the trainer of Elder Hancock from my MTC District. He just barely passed his year mark and wow! His Thai is way way way way clear. It's like. Crystal clear and pristine. Everyone comments on how cleanly he speaks Thai. And he's from Orem Utah, lives right at the mouth of Provo Canyon. 

Awesome stuff
This trio. Not sure if Surin is even ready for us. Big things coming soon. I feel it. They are coming. Cheeeeeee

Bus rides to transfers though. Those aren't the most fun things. Not a fan. It's like 7 hours on a bus and my legs are too long for the seats. So yup.....what a fun time...not really no....but you do get food soooo

Yeah. Not too much going on. Transfers takes up quite a bit of time. And then I had to renew my visa the day after transfers cause I forgot to go the day of transfers.....Yeah......Yeah....Yup

Some last minute spiritual thoughts. Here's a scripture that has guided me this week. It's in 1 Nephi 4:6. Honestly. I still don't have a solid 100% idea of what's going on. But I have a willing humbled heart. Always searching for guidance. Things do work out, I promise.


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  1. Hey Alice. I love reading about your experiences. You are having an amazing relationship with the Lord. Stay safe. Love ya, Auntie Butchie