Sunday, November 29, 2015

ห้ามเคีรอด, I saw a black truck, President เสือ, Trio Life Struggles

Shout out to Elder Fukino for entering the MTC this week, going to the BEST Mission, the Thailand Bangkok Mission. Cheee

Don't worry. Things will work out!
(hope I spelled that right)

Not too much time but here's some things that had happened this week....

"I saw a black truck"
Elder Bunker had a dream of him inviting someone to learn about Christ. It was a large man with a mustache. His name was actually a girls name too. But ever since his dream he has been chasing after ever black truck at every stoplight and at every house. Then one day. We went out to visit a member, and we see all the signs. We see the black truck. We hear the name over the speakers. A man comes out of the truck. He's a bit large. He turns around....HAS THE MUSTACHE. Therefore Elder Bunker is confident that this is his man. We go over, talk to him, get his number and get a follow up appointment cause apparently he's always been interested just has never had the opportunity to learn. Also at the end of Elder Bunker's dream the whole family gets baptized. This man has a family. Sweeeet.

You find those you look for. It's real.

President Tiger came into Surin. If you know him, then you know how amazing of a teacher he is. He's awesome.

Trio Life Struggles
All three of us Elders are so different but our unique work styles complement each other so well! But we do have some struggles, and they are rather funny.
We like to take turns on guiding each other to our appointments or favorite places to eat. No way do I have a firm grip on the area, but I've been here for 3 months while my companions have only been here for 2 weeks. It makes for some interesting situations. Elder Bunker was leading one day, and he goes straight, I make a turn because if we went straight we would head out to the country side, and then Elder Amonthep is in the intersection. Confused. And not too sure what to do or where to go. So funny, we always have a good laugh whenever these things happen.
Planning what to teach
Three different styles, three different ideas, and three very good reasons for each thing that we want to teach. But in the end, it all works out and we are doing great things, teaching amazing people, helping share our amazing message.

So quick thought about "Every member a missionary"
Three main points that we highlighted in our branch this past Sunday
1-Missionaries will leave the branch (or ward). There is no way for them to stay longer than 2 years. It just doesn't happen. But members. This is their home. Therefore you need to fellowship those new people and really make new ward members feel like they are part of this great family. 
2-Members can be out after 9 pm, members can use social media. These are all simple ways that members can use their time to share a bit of a spiritual message. To serve. To help a friend in need and just express Christlike love. Little things to increase the sum total of kindness in the world
3-These are people you know! These are people similar to you, living a life like you. In Hawaii, in Utah, in Thailand. The people in the area are like you. You can relate to them, you already have this amazing bond, now use it!

Yeah. Sorta all over the place. Random ideas. You can tell I didn't remember to use a post it note this week...

Keep on loving life

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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