Sunday, October 25, 2015

Adversity (Think motorbike accident), Elephants, Ice Cream, and more ties

Elephant festival. Those elephant pens are coming up and they're starting to build these huge things for like signs. The elephants. They're coming soon.

Note to all missionaries cutting ties. Silk is hard to work with, cotton ties are way easy to make. I need to perfect making the pointed part of the ties. 4 ties I've cut so far.

Food! Ice Cream! Oh how I have missed you ice cream. Had some ice a hot dog bun cone. So it went like this, top up as follows: Hot dog bun, a half scoop of rice, a bunch of small scoops of different flavored ice cream, chocolate syrup, then some strawberry syrup on top. Rather interesting. Surprisingly good. And only 10 baht! Oh yeahhh.

The name of the game this week. Right there. Adversity. Just because I said adversity doesn't actually mean I had a bad week. Do I have bad weeks? Never. It's really your choice and it's what you want to make of it. Was this week rough? Disappointing? Confusing? Yup. Facing adversity makes us stronger and give us all sorts of valuable experiences that we never would have gained in any other way.
Some days in Thailand all of our investigators and LA's we are working with don't answer their phone or are out of town. Therefore the only thing planned for the whole day is a 6 hour block of inviting and then English class. Honestly, I look at those 6 hours and tremble in fear. That's hours of rejection, in the sun, searching for that one person that God needed you to find. But should you allow yourself to tremble in the face of fear? Never. Look to the story of Job in the Old Testament. Absolutely faithful and amazing, but stricken with so much affliction that he was brought way low. Down to the ground. Did he tremble and was he discourage? Definitely. But he overcame it all and humbled himself in front of God. Amazing story and such an empowering message.
So the motorbike accident....hahha funny story....Elder Dailey (the other new missionary in the house) got into an accident. It was around 7 pm, and their companionship was crossing the street to get to the church (yes, they were walking). Thailand doesn't really have lights over the road so it was a bit dark. They look left. Right. Then left again. Safe to cross...right? As the step out into the street, they hear someone's horn. And then next thing we know, Elder Dailey is on the ground and there's a motorcycle overturned and a guy pinned under his bike. And then police, and ambulance, and the whole deal comes into the scene. And he's in the hospital, not too sure what happened. Fast forward a bit, he's got a gash in his leg. Gash as in a kind of wound that you could stick your finger in (your welcome for that imagery). So he's chilling in the hospital. And miraculously after the x rays and such come back. He's fine. Just gotta get sewn up. But this just put two missionaries out of commission, confined to the hospital. Not able to go out and teach and serve and do those missionary things. But wow, Elder Dailey is such a strong Elder. He continues fighting on, Does this phase him? Is he even scared of Thailand? Nope. He's got a great spirit throughout this all.
And then my companion goes and gets his wisdom teeth pulled on Saturday. So he wasn't able to talk. Did that stop us? Never. He kept on doing what he could without speaking, while I taught one of the other elder's potential investigator (they forgot to cancel this appointment), went through a meeting explaining our investigators, and then tried to get people to come to church. Honestly it is a struggle trying to do things when your companion isn't able to speak. But these times are times of reflection. How much did I trust in the Lord? Will I turn my eyes towards Him for help, or would I run away? Yup, not a very dramatic experience, but there are always lessons to be learned. All the time.

Love this talk. Finally got to read it in English. Read it. These lessons and quotes in here are golden.

I love adversity so much. It's true. If we didn't have any adversity, we woudn't get any stronger

Also in terms of funny and absolutely adorable stories. The attached picture are of these 3 children ages 10,11, and 12. Their mother is in Bangkok and was baptized there and wanted her children to learn about the gospel. They are amazing and they are the best! They listen, the do everything. like wow. Can they get any better. They read the Book of Mormon, they highlight the parts they like, they pray. They are adorable. So much sincerity in everything they do. Just so heartfelt. The youngest child's favorite verse is Alma 7:23. So so so so so sweet. And they came to church, just them three. The amount of faith and love these children have is inspiring. I wish we could all be like little children, so full of hope, kindness, and joy.

So yeah. Pretty sweet week. Also I'm teaching my companion to speak Hawaiian Creole English. In honor of this joyous moment for da Pidgin Language.


Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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