Sunday, October 18, 2015

Thailand. So Legit. Can't Quit.

Thailand is just about the most amazing place ever. This week. Lot's of things. None of them really related. But here's a little insight into my life as of this week.

(it sounds like "let's go!" but doesn't mean that....but lets go!)

New phone-Yeah oh yeah. "Just because the phone is touch screen doesn't mean it's smart." Quote from a teacher in the MTC. I really need to take a picture of our new phone. Samsung J1. It's got Gospel Library and a Thai dictionary on it. And the battery is a champ. It's way sweet. We shall see how long the phone actually lasts though....Cause we're pretty rough with phones...But yeah. Stoking on that.

Mission Tour this week with Elder Funk!
Way awesome experience heading out to the Bangkok of the Essan. Khon Kaen. Got to learn so much about Obedience. Interesting thought. As missionaries we are out here learning a ton! And having all these experiences that really help us grow and become so much more. When we go home, what will we do with these experiences and this new knowledge? Will we just return to that same spot where we were before or will you use these talents and keep on progressing onward? Use and take what you have and run with it! Forward know the rest. And the importance of obedience. Rules aren't barriers, rather they are like rungs on a ladder helping you reach higher and higher potentials. Way sweet analogy. 

Musical Number Idea
Okay so for mission tour the Surin elders also did a musical number. We sang the words from "Joseph Smith's 1st vision" to the tune of "Come thou Fount." Absolutely beautiful and meshes so well. And when you sing in parts, it just sounded amazing. English and Thai. Woah. Try it. It's really beautiful. Such an amazing feeling entered the conference hall.

Stories from my awesome companion
He's from Lao. Khon Lao. I love him, and he's got way amazing experiences. Here's my favorite from this week. It started off with us talking about elephants. "Hey Elder, if an elephant is chasing you, what do you do? Run up the mountain or down the mountain?" I had no idea so this is his explanation....
How to Escape from Elephants-Always run down the mountains, the elephants knees are week and we as humans can run down the mountain faster than they can. Never run up because the elephant is stronger than us. And then don't climb trees because elephants can just shake the tree until you fall out. And lastly, just don't jump into a body of water either. How does he know all of this? I have no idea. But when I asked him he just smiled and said he's seen a few elephants in Laos. I love having him as a companion.

Cutting Thai Ties
Attached is a picture of a tie I made. I cut the ties myself because no one in Surin will make ties for me. The only width so far is skinny because I haven't figured out how to taper them yet....But on the bright side, these ties cost me around 20-30 cents and around 1.5 hours! Only made 2 so far last p-day cause we had some free time. I also almost bought a 3 man tent cause it was on sale for less than 300฿! Then I remembered that I don't need a tent and won't be camping any time soon.

Something to read this week
Psalms 119-Absolutely love this chapter. Read it. It's like a 100+ verses but they are so good. It's way uplifting and a few verses a day makes this chapter reasonable!

Elephant Party
Next month is the big elephant festival. Weehaa! We shall see if I'm staying in Surin or nah...Elephants. So amazing.

Just Go Hard
So yeah, just go hard. Give it your all, all the time. Because if you aren't giving it your all, why are you even doing that? If anything is worth doing, it's worth doing with your full heart, might, mind and strength. There is a difference when you go hard and do all that you can. Try it out this week. Give something (or everything) your all. Go out each day (starting with a prayer asking for strength to do those things) and then do everything within your means possible. It's tiring. But oh so rewarding. Give it your all, hold nothing back. God loves you so much and He will help you succeed!

Time is moving faster than a herd of elephants running up a mountain!
Have a great week!

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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