Sunday, November 27, 2016


You have your lows. Then you also get some highs (aka some really epic weeks ((Like this one))...)

Let's do this.

Thanksgiving at a Japanese Buffet. We ordered like 60+ trays of meat and way too much ice cream....

Translating some stuff

​Did some translating. One of the elders gets an email from some senior missionaries asking for some help in translating some people's conversion stories to be compiled into some sort of book/record. They had sent around 5 different people's stories to be translated. Got the way special opportunity to translate 3 stories, 2 of which were from members that I have served in one of my previous areas. SO SO SO SICK. Conversion stories and the stories of why people are are my favorite things ever.

Got kicked out of another market this week. But in the 20 minutes before we got kicked out we got a handful of phone numbers.

Teaching some people that aren't actually from Thailand.

Ok well this is Brother Came....He's from Lao. We had taught him over in Samut Prakaan. Saw him at a massive multi-stake stake conference! The fourth stake has been created in Thailand! Now just in Bangkok alone we have Bangkok West, Bangkok North, and the Bangkok stake. Time is flying.

Wait. Why isn't he wearing a missionary tag? Pretty crazy that I still see around one of my old companions.

But today it's not about his story. It's about a guy named T (ที). He's from Cambodia. While me and Elder Smith were on comp exchanges we had went out and invited the whole day. Walking down the street we were just going and asking people "เฮย์สนใจลองเข้าโบสถ์มั้ย." And in English that is "Hey, do you want to try going to church?" So we were walking and just having a good time talking to people then I go up and talk to T. Ask him in Thai and he has no idea what I'm saying. So I awkwardly ask him in English "Soo. uh. Yeah. Hey. You ever been to church?" He says yeah. Then I'm stuck awkwardly stuttering in my now broken English "Well cool. So uh. You wanna try go to the church that has the restored gospel?" And he's just like...yeah I'm down. Get his number, give him a pamphlet don't think much of it. Sunday comes, and he walks in. But he's super busy all week long and his only day off is Saturday. But the next weekend comes and he's actually in Cambodia. Then this past weekend. Get an appointment with him. This is where it gets trippy...
He's been Christian since around 2004/2005. He has had a ton of miracles asking where if Christ was real please heal him and provide for his family in Cambodia. And his faith and prayers are so real and powerful. So he's been a super strong Christian in Cambodia. Then this past year he had moved here to Thailand to work. He's working, but he had said it's hard to be Christian when you are here by yourself. He faces all these temptations around him but he knows he must withstand them. And he does, through diligent scripture reading in the bible! Oh and get this. 
It's so real. People have been prepared well beyond what we can even imagine. Right now he is progressing like fire towards his baptismal date in December.

Teaching some people that are from Thailand...
Got some way awesome new investigators. That are actually from Thailand! Stoked to see how they will progress.

Baptism in sign language

We are indoors and my eyes are still closed...I don't understand. how?

Other companionship (Elder Smith/Bunker) got their first baptism here in Rangsit! They have been working like spiritual machines! They came into this area with literally nothing. Having to start from scratch with investigators. Didn't even have a house. But now they have investigators and a house. Yup. You could say they're going places.
Oh funny side story. So we were in Bangkok at a hotel for the stake conference, but we had prepared the church building the night before for the baptism. Everything was good, water was in the baptismal font, it was clean, white, and ready. So we lock up the church. Go to the meeting, then come back around 1:45, for the baptismal service to happen at 2. Well surprise. NO WATER IN THE FONT. Yeah. We came back to a font that was dry. Like my skin in Utah dry. Dry.
So we rushed and filled the font and eventually got the baptism under way at 3 pm hahaha. But it's all good. The sister that was baptized is way amazing with such a strong testimony and desire to serve in this church.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
This was definitely the top used scripture this week when teaching everyone. Again. It is a question that takes a bit of pondering. Where is your heart. Where are your desires. Don't want to say too much, cause having everyone ponder on these things is part of the good stuff. This scripture is also found in the bible. Straight out of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Where is your heart? (also if you're a missionary and still reading to this point. KEEP THAT THING LOCKED UP)


Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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