Monday, January 2, 2017

Crossing the River

​Gonna miss these homies in Rangsit.

​So I transferred, got a new companion, and we are re-opening an area. His name is Elder Kartchner from Georgia. And is literally a year younger than me at this whole being a missionary thing (got into the missionary training center this past June). Also that thing we are pointing at is our church building. HMU on the second floor of the Mitsubishi dealership!

The new area is called Bangbuathong, or BBT for short. It's literally on the other side of the river from Rangsit so that was pretty funny. Get the call and it's just like. Huh. well that's cool. Still never served in the actual Bangkok. But these areas right around the outer edge are way solid! This is such an awesome place.

​Met this guy from Yasothorn (Pretty close by...the middle of nowhere), helped him build the little shack right behind us. Well really. We failed. And he fixed it for us and thought it was funny to see two foreigners trying. He thought it was cool. But I mean it's the thought that counts, cause service. Stoked to eat some of his food tonight.

​On a bus so packed that we were standing on the stairs to get into the bus cause there was literally no room. Pretty scenic ride.

​Brother SONG. I just really think he's way cool

So highlights from this epic week.
Well a lot of people have not been at church because they all went back to go find their parents at home. So yeah. Pretty quiet in both areas. But BBT (Bangbuathong) is gonna be so sweet. we get there on Thursday. Just stoked. So ready to go hard and work.
So we do. Go and just invite and find. And find. And find.
We finished off with the past 4 days having 4 new investigators. And a bunch of numbers to follow up with.....
Oh funny story. None of them are Buddhist. Like is this even Thailand?
We have one Protestant, a Catholic, and then two that belong to the Christian Association of Light and Peace.
What else happened?
Went to go visit the Relief Society President. And her whole fam bam was there (None of them are members)!
And she was like "Elders, I got this, I want to share a spiritual message." We read a portion from the teachings of one of the prophets. To summarize it said "The Book of Mormon is true. If you don't believe it test it now." So she asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon and gave it to her nephew and told him "Choose any book and verse and let's read some of it together." She repeated this 2 more times with two of her sons. The answers were pretty intense and crazy powerful.

I'll leave the references here. Figure out for yourself.
It's way intense. The faith, the boldness, the complete trust placed here. That's what we need.
Just so much amazing things always happening here. Thailand is legit.

Also cause it's new years, set some goals, break some barriers, and change your life!

​Happy New Years!

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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