Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

​A true Thailand Bangkok Missionary. His bike is decked out with all the necessities. Rocks to throw at animals that chase you and then a carrier thing attached to the top tube to put in a baton to swat away the animals if they don't run away after getting hit by rocks. You think we are joking but he wouldn't do this if he wasn't serious.

​Had an AMAZING activity at a huge park over in Udorn. It was a combined effort with a ton of people. We got around 40 members of all ages to go with us into this park and just pass out a ton of English inviting cards. After the activity we finished off with a light dinner and some games.

Went on a switch off in Sakon Nakhon. Went over​ to teach this child. Such a good lesson! Taught about how God is our loving Father in Heaven and also how the gospel has been restored to the earth once again. He also is way down to follow the example of his mother and Jesus Christ and get baptized this month.
Funny story. As we taught the kid (Bro. Nickie) we had already invited a bunch of people to come and sit down and learn with us. Everyone was either asleep or "busy." So we just taught him, then helped him do some dishes. Literally 30 minutes after we initially invited everyone in this house, out comes all the MEN. They were all inside sleeping and just started to coming out to eat dinner. We were short on time cause our bus also left in less than an hour so we shared some quick thoughts, got the return appointment, then rushed on our way back to Udon.... 

Yes back to the province of Udon but not to the actual city. Got back from Udon that night at around 10 pm then the very next morning left off to a smaller city in the province to work with this elder. We also tried our luck at fishing using these big nets that you just lower and then raise. Bonus points to my companion for the switch off, Elder Hansen, he had caught more fish than I had. But just saying. 1 fish isn't all that much hahahhaha.​
After we finished the fishing/finding moments here in Kumpawapi we rushed back to the church to start teaching English. But this was the sight that we saw above us. It was like a veil of darkness just coming across the land and taking away all sunshine and happiness. In other words "Rainy Season."​
The last Family Night on my mission. The two in the middle are a young couple, both are counselors in different auxiliaries and are really good at what they do. Their children are named Ice cream and Pistachio. Super super super super adorable family. Love them and all their service for the branch.
Helaman 7:29
"Behold now, I do not say that these things shall be, of myself, because it is not of myself that I know these things; but behold, I know that these things are true because the Lord God has made them known unto me, therefore I testify that they shall be."
I've spent my last two years testifying to people about the reality that God is real, that Jesus is the perfect example to us all, and that the true church of God has been restored upon the earth. Pretty legit, not gonna lie. I've traveled all throughout Bangkok and the country side, and even into Laos, and I know that these things are all true. 
The comfort, peace, joy, and happiness I have as a result of my knowledge of this gospel is UNREAL. I know these things are true and can't deny them. I've been changed for the better and it's not stopping here.
But yeah. I'm way stoked to get back in the ocean.
I'll be back in a few Hawaii.

Pau Hana time.​

Elder Ellis

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