Monday, August 10, 2015

Wow last week's email was melodramatic, Im using the wrong vowel in my signature, last P day in the MTC, And funny stories about the new thai elders

Wow. looking back on last weeks letter. that's pretty boring. I'm pretty sure it was just the weather. Yeah.

Now its sunny, and we've got the last rivalry soccer match against the Cantonese elders then I'm just a few plane rides to Bangkok.

So yeah. I cant find the other vowel on the i used the one that looks like it sorta. But hey, you wouldn't know that if I didn't tell you. or maybe you would cause you somehow learned Thai in like a week.

He spoke ONE word of english to us....its a good thing that we've studied Thai for the past 8 weeks. But yeah, what an experience, meeting the very man that signs off on our visas. He was really nice and it was so cool that he had brought his whole family. We talked a bit about cultural and he had shared some advice that a lot of Thai people will listen and say "okay" to whatever we say just because we are foreigners then have no intention of following through on commitments cause they simply dont understand. yeah. Im actually txxnten mag mag cing cing cang leeweyyy samrab pay phratteeed thai (stoked for going to Thailand)

Last P day (preparation day) in the MTC
The next time you all hear from me, I'll be in THAILAND. Idk. maybe this is the last time you'll hear from me. who knows. What if I get sent somewhere in the countryside. Pretty sure it won't be the last time. Just saying. But if it is. Nah nahnah, ill be sending another picture sometime. eventually. probably in like 2 weeks cause I gotta wake up at 3:30 to catch a flight.  yeah.....

Tuesday's Devotional
We heard from President Russel M Nelson, he had focused on the importance that each life we touch is important and that when we share our experiences we are putting our initials on other peoples hearts by imprinting upon them our own experiences. Yup. Sweet stuff...

Which got me thinking about like "lending a helping hand" So each time you help someone think about this. think about all the people that helped you before. That's a lot of people that got you to that point chaymay? (right?) Yeah so think about each person that helped you and then all the people that had helped them before. Yeah thats a lot of people. Like im talking millions of people are helping you help that person. Wow. Awesome. I know right. Sugoi! Yiam! Hulo! idk what other languages to use....But yeah, help people cause you've been prepared to help and what seems like a single helping hand is like a million helping hands. Just saying.

So funny stories hmmmm...
We got the new Thai missionaries, great bunch, all guys. One of them got so excited for ice cream he jumped up and clicked his heels...then he split his pants. yeah. Don't get too excited about ice cream or else you'll split your pants too.
On the topic of ice cream, I have limited myself to only 3 bowls or less. What a healthy lifestyle. And i also measure time by the days when we get ice cream (Wednesday/Sunday) cause literally i cant keep track of time. 9 weeks of doing the same thing. you'd be going a bit crazy too.

Oh sriracha 
This stuff is amazing. Yes I drown just about all the bland tasting food in this amazing condiment. Yup. Thailand I'm ready ( not prepared for the aftermath of Thai food).

I wrote this letter way earlier. but we just beat the Cantonese in our Championship rivalry game. it was way sweet. With two minutes left in the game they scored and we were tied, but then all of a sudden we did a quick turn around and then won the game. hmm. yup. We all had a lot of fun and left the 9 week rivalry with big smiles. its awesome. feeling good. and the elevation still kills me when I try to workout.

Weehaa, in a week I'll be in Thailand!

Elder ลลิส

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