Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What a interesting week, Alma 7:23, and another Hawaiian leaves the MTC

Elder Ellis with Elder McMillan who leaves tomorrow (Aug. 4th, 2015), off Fort Collins, Colorado. 
Another Hawaiian going out to serve.
Here's an email just saying I'm still alive!

Its been a busy hard week. But there are a million things that could be worse, focus on the good. Work to change what you can, then work with others to change what you don't think you can. Work hard, be diligent, things do get better. But yeah focus on the happiness, and what you can do to feel even happier, then somehow by some way things will work out.

Focusing on the negative and just thinking so much on what you didn't/can't do is not a recipe for success. Think happy, be happy, but keep in balance the struggles. Always try to improve because in the end all that you can do is be the best you there is in the world. And all I hope for is that the person you are today is better than the person you were yesterday.

Alma 7:23. Motto for the week, kaanodthon. Phom toongkan odthon mag mag. (Endure)

Yeah, its a bit short, not too much stuff happened, lots of studying, lots of practicing Thai, and it's also raining in Provo. Rainy days got me feeling nice and slooowww.

Also check out the signature! Thai script!

Elder แลลิส

Peace out Homie... Elder Ellis with Elder Fong who will be serving in Chicago.

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