Monday, July 27, 2015

Megalodon, Hosting new missionaries,Thai words, the usual

Elder Ellis with Elder Fung (middle) on his last night in the MTC before Hong Kong,
2nd missionary from the Asian dorm to leave. 
Watdi watdiiii

So yeah. megalodon. its real right. i mean its got to be in the ocean somewhere? When we look to practice speaking normal thai conversation we talk about the megalodon cause come on. its sweet. sooo lets see moving on to real things that happened this week....

Hosted some new missionaries. chill people. like 5 of them were going to Japan thats pretty cool. 

Saw Elder Gerardo Fong, Jarin Mcmillan, Dmitri Wheeler, James Umphress which leads me to the next story...

So i had a roommate in college. Girls loved him. and he...idk, took the girls out on dates but really stressed out a lot. His name sounds similar to iceberg. Chee. yeah. So like these two girls had asked me (separate occasions) "Hey you look familiar, did you go to BYU?" And i was like yeah..... and then i asked if they knew elder ------- and they were like YES OMG! yup. if you know, you know. he was one of the other Hapa guys. Love you yuuuuuuuuuuut (Choke or for those that dont speak pidgin "A ton")

Ok thai struggles this week, idk how big my vocabulary has gotten. but its pretty big that i can talk and carry on a conversation about normal stuff and gospel related topics. so like thai wods also sound really similar..... so yeah.

Chua^ chua/, chxa^. chxa, chxa` and chua(v) chuan and chuay
They all sound the same. but have pretty different meanings. 
Im talking like these words range from: evil, nice, invite, help, believe, to use, and i think one of them is a word for some thai monster...idk.....yeah....i should probably brush up on those before I...

Yup. i dont want to tell someone that theyre evil. or that i want to use them. yeah there is definitely some confusion.

Oh and we have these huge devotionals and we see one of the khon thai elders go up cause he was called up to share an experience he had. so when we saw who it was the whole thai district (8 of us in a sea of around 2200 missinoaries) started cheering...from the back of the auditorium place....and then the speaker was saying oh, stand up if youre from thailand. but then the khon thai says YUN KHUN! and all of us farangs (foreigners) stand up...yeah we understand thai better than we do english haha.

Oh and lets see. My companions family was worried about his weight gain so they sent him carrots. brah. thats a rough life. but actually carrots taste pretty good. but please dont send me carrots. i like candy and rice. ya know. just saying

Hm oh and one of the other elders sleep talks and they had gotten new roommates. the first night apparently he was sleep talking in "Thai" These other elders were going to Hong Kong mandarin speaking but the next morning they were like "Woah dude, you know you scream thai in your sleep...THATS SO SICK when do we get to that point?" But tbh he just says jibberish that sounds like thai. haha yeah....not too much stuff happening, got a sriracha 2 go little bottle and the cafeteria now regularly stocks sriracha its sweet. idk. this week just flew by. 

Love hearing from you all! its great and i love hearing about the outside world.

Keep it real, Im literally overjoyed because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. its weird. but yeah, i wake up and go to sleep with a smile on my face just because of how great this all is.

Stay Outcheea (yes with two e's) 

Elder Ellis

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