Monday, July 13, 2015

Odthon jon kwaa chiiwid ca haa may, More tonal mess ups, and some other thai phrases, 2 Kings 2:23-24

Ho. im still alive. like i gained a few pounds but. eh. ill survive right?

2 kings 2:23-24 just so you can all have a good laugh of what you can find in the bible.

OK. if you really want some spiritual inspiration go and look for the mormon message entitled "The other prodigal son" literally will change your perspective on the parable of the prodigal son. go check um go check um GO!... or nah. you can keep on reading. i think im pretty entertaining.

So lets see.
Tuesday-We learned how to say our names in thai! yeahh. one of our teachers is a khon thai (translation to "Thai person") so he spent some time chipping away. idk if i can even use like a thai keyboard but yeah. ill try take a picture and maybe ill send it sometime.

Wednesday-new missionaries, didnt get to host but it was aight. new friends! welcome to prison. jk i mean the MTC. its not prison i promise, im doing fine. im learning a ton in here

Thursday-So we had this weekly goal to run a lap around the whole mtc. and yeah we kept it. and we chant in thai. so every night around 8:15. "Oh look. there goes those crazy thai missionaries." also our fastest time running in slacks, ties, and dress shoes is 1:30. i didnt set that. im just letting them all enjoy the limelight. but dont worry. ill clutch up during game time and set some crazy record.

Friday-idk. stuff happened. i guess i didnt write anything on my stick note....

Saturday-oh man. this day. so sad. The teachers now only write in THAI SCRIPT. IT TAKES ME LIKE AN HOUR TO READ TWO WORDS. so i ask my friends that can read fast what it says. also we sing hymns in thai and they sound horrible. except for hymns that have the word allelluia, cause like you cant mess up saying alleluia in any language.

Khon thai teacher (name is bro.kaosuchirit) taught us his favorite phrases samoongle booood! (forgive me idk how to spell it. just how to say it)

It translates to mind explosion. or mind blow. which is pretty much how we feel whenever we learn and study thai. our minds will literally explode. HAH.

hmm so youre probably wondering what that first phrase means. well in short it translates to endure to the end. but in thai they dont say it that simple.

The thai translation means "Endure until the point where one can see no life left to live" super poetic right. oh yeah. watch out. ill be laying down some thai lines. im a poet. yup i know it. Not really. but its the small things in life that keep you going. 

I only weigh 148. havent hit 150. i probably will this week. i tend to average around 5-8 glasses of soda during dinner and i drink a lot of water during the day cause its so dry allll the timmmeeeeee

So we got some friends learning cantonese. and they were teaching about how through the Plan of Salvation (google it, its a mormon thing if you dont know but youre curious) its basically about how you can live with your family eternally. so this one cantonese elder is teaching someone and he tries to say

"I know that through the plan of salvation i can live and see all those people that i lost, Have you lost anyone that you love" but the words for lost and kill are like a single tone off. so he said "I know that....i can live and see the people that ive killed. Have you killed anyone you love?" yeah....gotta work out the kinks here in the MTC hahah

Oh and beach withdrawals! I mean i miss the ocean (yeah of course) but like. i still dream about every wave. my ocean memory is so strong, its comforting. sometimes i close my eyes and turn the water cold and pretend im in the shower at sandys or maks....then i realize im just in a shower stall. yeah. But hey, learning Thai is pretty legit. i got my fill of the ocean

Love hearing from all of yalls that email me. Thanks for keeping me updated about the swells. and like life on the outside world. just give it a month and ill be in Thailand with elephants and you know. the works.

Stay strong, true to the faith, look up the scripture location verse thats in the title. youll get a good laugh.

I'll end with a joke that was told this week by a friend in my district

Hey, so I have this friend from N Korea who came to live in America. I asked him how was life back in Korea, and he said "I can't complain"

HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA cause you know... like hahahha yeah.....ok....maybe it wasnt that funny....ok....well the little things in life remember.

Elder Ellis

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