Monday, July 20, 2015

Sandys Drip, Vowel Problems, Inspirational stuff, And (2 items of) important news

Watdi watdi (hey hey)

Its another week. this one flew by like lightning fast. ho. Im tired. not really. ok yes really i still fall asleep during personal study time. not longer than 15 minutes....i think. idk. it all blurs together. so....

Sandys drip
So yeah i love the ocean. and i love bodysurfing. so whenever i go to sandy beach (If you dont know youtube sandy beach vids, theyre sweet) you tend to get poound on the sand. cause thats fun. but salt water goes so far up your nose that you literally have a faucet that you cant turn off on your face. thats what ive had this week. phom mai chaab (i dont like) Yeah just having my nose drip right onto my textbook really reminded me of sitting at home on my laptop and then salt water literally dripping from my nose cause of the beach. oh the ocean. oh.

Vowel problems
The sound for spicy and duck and the end vowel for relationships and to interview all sorta sound the same. So you could basically say "I have a relationship with spicy duck interviews" and itd be like Phom mii khwamsampham phaan(-) phaan(^) pheen(/) oh how i love tones and vowels that all sound the same.

Inspirational stuff
lets see...
"Wo we must lengthen our strides"
"Never settle for mediocrity"
Be believing be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will work out.

Just some quotes that I felt like sharing.Honestly, nothing really exciting happened. I'm still learning thai. Still struggling, but its a good struggle cause I know what i need to work on. but yeah, super busy week so i feel like winded. its like a running a marathon. except i probs wont run a marathon again anytime soon and i still got this lifestyle of learning thai for another 2 years sooooo.

Hm important stuff
As a district (group of 8 missionaries all going to Thailand) we've gained a total of over 100 pounds. yeah you heard that right. i gained 10. my companion gained 20. Aww yeah. its awesome. and we are definitely getting fat. i cant just go and bodysurf for 6 hours anymore :(

Second interesting thing
We are meeting the chancellor of Thailand. not sure how important he is. sounds like the person is super important. but yeah, the chancellor is interested in just seeing what these mormon missionaries that are coming into Thailand are like. aka. I've got a few weeks to start whipping myself in shape so i can speak legit Thai to him. no worry beef curry.

So its the little things in life that really keep you going. so we decided to start telling people in the MTC that our district was going to Iraq. The Baghdad Irag mission (Its not a real mission just saying) so yeah. most people didn't believe us. but then this group actually did HAH. khon yak jon's (fools) Yeah we told them we needed to get gas masks and like the other group that was sent to Iraq is unheard from. so yeah. idk, we had a blast. they cant even tell middle eastern language apart from south east asia. honestly neither can I haha, but yeah. its the little things that keep us going in the week.

Samooong le bood (mind explosion)

Elder Ellis

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