Monday, September 7, 2015

Accidents, Miracles, and Elephants

Elder Ellisʻ name tag
Road in Surin
Yeah I almost got hit by another car. I promise it wasn't my fault. Thai drivers are pretty scary. Its a good thing that the driver was so alert and the car also looked brand new. I guess the driver didn't want an awesome imprint of my body on their hood. Maybe they heard about the last person that hit me with a car.

Oh and then I almost ran into an ELEPHANT. Yeah it was late at night, I was tired, we were rushing to get back home and I wasn't paying attention to a large dark object that was about to cross the street. out of the path of the elephant. #swerve

So miracles. Huh are miracles dead? NOPE. Miracles are real people. Like this week, Surin is a bit rough, you go out, talk to people, see if theyre interested in learning about Jesus and then they just totally don't show up to appointments. So after a day of all your appointments cancelling, you feel pretty junk. Therefore, what do we do? Pray. Pray. And pray. So hard. So much, on bent knees, so completely humbled. So before I go on, I'll explain how we set these goals to go and try and teach a certain amount of people and go and find so much new people. And we were at the middle of the week. Not close to our goals. Yeah we were a bit sad....
Street contacting at the Open Market

But what do we do? Not give up of course. The next few days we are just working like crazy, going hard. Calling people. I don't even understand these people. Half the time I think theyre speaking like a different language (Side note, a lot of these people I talk with have all these random dialects. Like there's some norther dialect which now explains why every time I talk with these two members I have no idea what they're saying. then there are accents. So much confusion, so much fun. oh yeah.) Yeah so continuing on, we are just fired up. Cause we know that if we give up, we won't be recipients of any divine help. So we fight on. And get 8 new investigators. Our investigators brought friends, and then those friends were super interested, and then we got someone set up for a baptismal date next week #1weekmiracles and then just out of nowhere, all our appointments start working and we have people calling us saying that they need us to come and teach their family, that something just feels right. Then we had a less active member call us and say she wanted to meet with us. Intense stuff. Miracles. Miracles. Miracles.

So on to food, fermented eggs, more things I don't know about, and the way I order food.
So Fermented eggs. They arent my favorite, theyre alright. I also always order the same thing as my companion cause I have no idea what to eat. And he gets all these spicy things. So I eat spicy food now. Yum.

Ok yeah, so short letter ish cause I don't have much time and we rode elephants today yeah. The elephants went in the water, we got a bit wet. It was legit.

Read it, gotta love it, good stuff. Yum. Feast on those awesome words.
Alma 36:35-37

Love you all, have fun in school, study hard! Or work hard if you aren't in school....

Elder แอลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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