Sunday, January 3, 2016

I've literally don't know what to write because I wrote like 3 days ago so....

Hey. Yup. Still in Buriram.
Haha this seems like a sorta pointless email.

Not too sure what else to even write cause like. Yeah. I just barely wrote 3 days ago.

But everything is all good. There's a ton of work especially for two elders. 
Big things coming soon....

​Penny skateboards are a thing here in Thailand yeee

Also Elder Powers is fearless at gecko catching. He caught two of these huge geckos. And they're just nasty little things. When they go to fight and bite, their jaws lock up. So what was Elder Powers tactic? Get the lizard to bight your shoe and then turn it upside down. Also enlisted in gecko catching were the dogs at the house. Elder Powers goes from the top, the dogs from the bottom, leaving nowhere for these nasty things to run away!

Lately we've been putting some extra work into figuring out how to become better teachers. More effective in addressing the needs of our investigators and also in checking for their level of understanding. Happened to come across this article one day and thought "Hey. Questions are amazing things." So yeah. At the root of everything are questions. And you can also help others progress because of questions. Questions are way amazing! 

Just a quick tid bit...

-----Asking the 2nd Question---------
common question used by gospel teachers is some variation of this: “So how important is faith in your life?”At first glance that sounds like meaningful inquiry, but if you think about it, there is only one answer: “Very important.” Of course, faith (and any other gospel principle) is very important, but that type of question generally leads nowhere by itself because you still have to ask the follow-up question, which is something like:“Why is it so important?” or “Will you give us an example of when it was important in your life?” Those questions can get things going in class, so go right to them and skip the first question. Asking the second question first will save time and keep the discussion moving better.

Thailand is gnarly.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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