Sunday, January 31, 2016


Buriram and Surin are a district together.
The only two areas I've served in so far has been Surin and Buriram. Yee. Suriram.

This week huh. Not a lot of time was spent here in Buriram. But we still found some ways to pick up new investigators, teach some referrals, invite. The usual. Yeee.

​Night Market in Roi-Et, looking for dinner ft. Suriram District
So yeah. Tuesday we had district meeting and then right after that our district leader elder Raleigh lets us know that we're doing a switch off. This basically means I get to go back to SURIN!!!!! So amazing and so happy to get to work with these wonderful people. The branch in Surin has been growing because of how much hard work has been put in. So grateful for the opportunity to see my Recent converts and a bunch of less actives (that are now active members) and meet a bunch of new investigators. Never stop loving the people. It will just make you and them so much more happy. Just smile a ton!

So I really got a solid work day in on Thursday...But then like we had a conference over in Roi-Et. Which is a 3 hour bus ride away....I'm practically a boss at passing out in buses no matter how cramped they are. I try to study but like....I'm weak. That's one of my many weaknesses here in Thailand. Staying awake on public transportation.

Zone Conference + Stake Training
So our training we had gotten this week had a strong focus on working together with members. We as missionaries have the responsibility to really help build the ward or branches that we serve in. Missionaries and members can run two separate paths to get the same goal. Or both can run the same path, helping the work move along so much better. It's just like in running. You can go out and run by yourself and try to get the fastest time, but really you will go faster when you have someone with you, pushing you along and making sure you stay on track. Same exact concept. Member-Missionary relationships are VITAL. Missionaries need to do everything they can to truly build up good relationships with members. We have recognized how big a difference there is when the members are there working with you side by side. Sure it takes a bit of effort on the missionaries part to gain their trust and respect, but it's always worth it. Gotta start with a strong foundation to support a large building.

Some things we do to improve member relationships:
--Me and Elder Powers in front of a members house---
*on the phone "Hey are you home?" ---"yeah"---"Okay awesome, we're in front of your house. Just have any brooms, we just want to clean your patio and yard for you."
Or another one of our favorites here in Buriram.
"Hey can we come in and wash your dishes and share a scripture?"
20 minutes later, dishes are done, a scripture is shared and we are back out and on our way. Hah. Thailand.

Saw an albino squirrel. Didnt know they had squirrels here.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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