Sunday, February 7, 2016


Still in Buriram. Yup. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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But on a different note, my prayers have been answered, Buriram finally has 4 elders again!

There's me and my new companion Elder Martindale. Pictures...uh. coming soon. Sometimes I'm good on taking pictures, sometimes I'm not. Elder Martindale is a giant. A giant from the far away land of.......Logan Utah! 195 cm. Or like 6 ft 5 in. He is a giant among Thai people. it feels weird cause they're always staring. But yeah. Elder Martindale is way legit and super super super super hard worker. We've got a vision established. Goals are in place. Now its time to just go out and work!

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But now to the other two elders here in Buriram. SO STOKED BECAUSE IM A BIG BROTHER.
Which pretty much means, my father Elder Sayavong, the person that trained me to be a missionary, IS ALSO TRAINING HERE IN BURIRAM. So we will be seeing some seriously huge things going down in Buriram. Hard work and faith are gonna produce miracles. And who doesn't love a good miracle? If we do something cool, i'll get a picture...eventually.

The line up is:
Me and Elder Martindale
Elder Sayavong and little brother (Elder Ingleton, who happens to be half filipino and malaysian..or indonesian. I forgot....)

Yup. It's gonna be a sweet time here in Buriram

But yeah. Miracles coming soon.
Huh. Seems like this computer isn't reading my camera. So no pictures this week. But it's alright.

Hm. Yeah. Well. Like....yeah.
Nothing much more really, just the usual. Find when you teach. Teach when you find. Like wow, it works. Sometimes you just gotta take a chance and go for it. We have been lucky here in Buriram that the members have started really working with us missionaries. We teach the people they refer to us, and then on top of that we find EVEN MORE investigators. The only thing that really matters is just opening your mouth. 

Take it easy and love life. 

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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