Sunday, February 21, 2016

Did someone say "Free English"?

We went from around 4 students on average to english class to 25. Aww yeah. Free English.

So on the happenings of this week...
It's the usual grind now. Pushing hard. It's been rather rewarding to see whats happened here in Buriram. Such a huge momentum change. It's always such a blessing to be working here in Thailand. Especially during this specific time!

Because it feels like my emails are getting boring-er....gotta change it up. So yeah.
Not too much. We're doing good, things are pretty solid. Pushing on. Yup. Hopefully I get back into the habit of writing stuff down on a sticky not to email about....yeah.

Free English!
Some wonderful ideas we have to promote our English Class here in Thailand
1-Bring two friends and you get to take a picture with a 6' 5" white guy!!!!!!! For free!
ฟรี ฟรี ฟรี
2-Bring 3 friends and you get....COOKIES!!!!!

So yeah. if anyone else has got some sick ideas for how we can continue to promote our English class. Let me know. We'll probably try them out.

Just a quick video (link also to the talk) about the importance of decision makings in our life. I can only do so much as to speak to these things. But really, the real push is when you act. Your decisions. Your future. Follow on the right path.

Free English. 
ฟรี ฟรี ฟรี
Invite your friends.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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