Sunday, April 24, 2016

I thought I'd never see her again

Also sorry. But I forgot my cord to connect my camera to the computer so no pics either this week...
Which is rather disappointing because some sweeeeeet stuff happened.

Such as....
Played with some monkeys and a baby monkey thought I had food so tried to bite me!
Got a new companion!
Moved to a new area!
My new area is the closest area to the...... OCEAN.


Yup. This is the her I am referring to. The ocean. Weeehaa

On to more important matters:
My new companion is Elder Bouwmeester or Elder เบา. He just finished training so it's a little different to now be the senior companion. I can't just look to my companion and expect him to help me out, because now we sometimes look to each other and we both have the same confused looks on our faces! But it's great, he's awesome, and we are gonna get some great things moving in this area.

Being here in Bangkok is different. The pace of work here is faster, there is so much people EVERYWHERE! Great things are gonna happen, I feel them coming. We are so excited to be here working hard and just giving it our all. It's crazy how fast time has gone since I've been here in Thailand. One second I was this clueless new missionary in the middle of rice paddies, and now here I am in Bangkok, still a bit clueless and confused but it's all good.

D&C 6:36: Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.
Faith and a whole lot of trust in God right now. It's gonna be a great 6 weeks with Elder Bouwmeester.
Serving here in Samut Prakaan is going to be epic.

This feels so empty with no pics.
Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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