Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sometimes I question....How?

I dont think we have a comp picture yet....Elder Bouwmeester & Elder Ellis
Being here. Its a grind. The time is moving way way toooo fast. Looking back, I can hardly remember what we did. Open up my planner to a day before and I just sorta look at it. Way confused. Did we really do all of that stuff? Woah. How do we do this, two 19 year old boys from America. In Thailand. Getting on buses, riding taxis, teaching Thai people about Jesus Christ....SPEAKING THAI?
Alma 26:12
(Pretty much explains our feelings on the daily)

Some random thoughts
-Soda is so cheap here, we buy a ton of it. There was a week where we were both drinking at least a liter of soda each day. 1 liter minimum...Yeah thats a habit that we needed to cut
-TRAFFIC. I thought traffic in Hawaii was bad. Still bad here in Thailand. Being impatient as I am, we did get off a bus, started walking pass the traffic then proceeded to get on another bus. I don't like this traffic thing. It's not fun.
-Thailand internet is good. But it isn't high speed. Problems of having to use an internet cafe...The list is long. But at least its cheap?

So here's a video that I had found last week Monday. Absolutely amazing. 
This is what we need to do! Strive. Push on! This video literally encompasses everything that I love. Watched this video once every morning to get pumped up. Silly? Yes a little. But whatever works. Strive to do the best and be the best because the time is now! Hold on tight cause it's a wild ride.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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