Sunday, May 29, 2016

ระยอง - WHAT!? THE BEACH!?!

Had an amazing ward activity down at the beach (no I did not get in the water....)
You could say this was a pretty great week....

This week seriously flew by way too fast! I can\t believe how quickly this past month has felt in Samut Prakan. The work here is different. But oh so rewarding. Because our church building closed due to parking inconveniences, they started to go to church at another building 20 minutes north. But then because of construction, that building closed down so now 3 wards meet in 1 building. And this building is 20 minutes (no traffic) to around 1 hour (with some traffic). The building has been bouncing around so much that often times members don't even know where to go to church...therefore they sometimes just dont. Which leaves it up to us, tracking them down and then getting on the bus and taking them to church. Step by step, little by little, each person we bring is one person that now remembers the path to get to church. Hopefully by investing this extra amount of time we can set a strong foundation here and really get things started! 

Oh the things you find in Thailand. She was raising them to be sold as pets.
​Went on a switch off with the amazing Elder Walker out in Lat Krabang. Wow. Just the amount of amaziness. Its simply off the charts. Right from 6:30 am! Got the day started off right! Studied! Went out and it was such a beautiful day. Full of grabbing cigarettes out of peoples hands to get them to quit smoking to eating 3 baht donuts to this picture. There is so so so much work to be done. When both companions have got their heart into the work and are loving every bit of it. Woah. That is the very time when the miracles come. Going out, teaching, and just loving these people. Hoping that they'll take a chance to open their hearts and try listening to the message we have to share. Thailand is the place that I need to be. Right here. Right now. Everything is just clicking into place.

Now onto a somewhat unrelated but still absolutely awesome talk that I had studied this week...

Gotta give a shout out to the people that have influenced me the most. My family. I always thought "family councils" were so silly. Even if it was just a quick sit down at the dinner table to plan out the week on Sunday night. I used to think it was so boring, just the same repetitions. At the time I had no idea what a blessing these few minutes were for our family. Looking back, reflecting, pondering, and then talking with some other missionaries. Those times where our family put aside 10-15 minutes to just be together and talk. That really made all the difference. It's silly, yes. But if it works, I want it. If it works I'll do it.

Woooo! My sister is old. I'm old....No one is getting any younger...oh well....

I mua!

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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