Sunday, June 12, 2016

Night Life

Samut Prakaan. We are out here. Just two of us. Two foreigners from America. One 19, the other 18. Going out riding truck taxis and buses and mini buses and every sort of transportation (except for motorcycle taxis) and then dinner comes. then it gets dark. Then we keep on working.

Lot of the people here in Samut Prakaan are super hardworking and have the typical day job. They come home in the evening and then that time is their only time free. Which leaves our companionship running around Samut Prakaan trying to find and teach and help them in the evening.

Its fun. Its rewarding.

My pictures still arent uploading.....well....

But this week was some thriving work. We have been focusing a lot more on working with members and anyone that we talk to, to find and teach their friends or anyone they think would be interested in learning about Christianity. But rather than just get a number and a name and call it done. We take it one step further and have that person set up an appointment with the friend or person that is interested and then invite us over. We are letting these people take a more active part in missionary work, having them set up the appointments, having them really be the person that introduces and shares the gospel.

This is probably the happiest I've been in a long time. It's also just a common fact that there is no comfort in the growth zone. Constantly trying to make things just a bit more uncomfortable. 

For example....
Image result for thailand fried bugs-Walking down the street and you see some of those amazing fried bugs! Because Thai people are probably some of the nicest in the world, if you ask to try a single bug they let you grab and eat one. Bonus points if you a)hold it together and reply to them in Essan or b)if you contort your face and make them laugh
-Sometimes when you see a thai person rocking out, you just gotta go rock out with them and then pretty soon you became such good friends in those 2 minutes that he offers to share with you some of his sticky rice and fried meat
-Or the all time favorite of talking with the little thai children because they follow you in a hoard and start speaking in English with you (literally just walking down an alley way and all of a sudden a little girl shouts in thai and then these children like 4-8yrs old come out and start swarming my companion and talking to him in English)

Normally no. I would never do these things. I tend to be rather refined. In my own personal bubble. Chilling, doing my own thing. But its those things that make it a bit uncomfortable that I have learned to find the most joy. The more uncomfortable it is, the faster we grow and adapt. Then just when you think you got it down. The game changes and gets harder and now you gotta keep progressing. And pretty soon its like woah. Where did the past year even go? (into my LOST.DIR if anyone has some tips on how to retrieve these files SUPER fast hit me up. If not i'll just wait a bit longer and then retrieve them if I ever make the time....)

Its the little things that make life fun.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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