Monday, September 26, 2016


Because monkeys and Baptisms.

and then Baptisms (Real ones) จริงๆ
Quick story about our investigator. Ours is the one closest to Elder Aposhian. She's never come to church before and then was just invited to learn about Christ. At first she was pretty indifferent. Just like "ok. Whatever." But then we invited her to English too. So then still a bit like mehhh. But she had accepted a baptismal date so that was chill. Then I get transferred in and we just started going hard working with every single investigator that has a baptismal date. And then members step in and just start slaying the membership fellowship game. And then shes like got best friends everywhere in this ward! And then she follows through on commitments. Pretty much a direct correlation between those that follow their commitments and those that don't. (Those that do get baptized...those that don't dont...) Yeah. So pretty much the rest is history, she's a baller. Her name is Pat. She was baptized yesterday.

So yeah. This is Rangsit. 

Also forgot to throw this up a few weeks ago, but one of our investigators in my last area got baptized on September 4th, pic will be up on the blog. He's also a baller. He was a self referral that had asked for a Book of Mormon. So we sit down, teach him about the Restoration of the TRUE church and then he takes a baptismal date after us barely saying anything about baptism. Then he progresses and keeps those COMMITMENTS. Changed his life. And now he's an epic 16 year old over in Samut Prakaan.

​Quick thought....
Mosiah 18:6 "And it came to pass that as many as believed him went thither to hear his words." I've been studying a ton in this one chapter for the past few weeks trying to understand more about the covenant of baptism. Just a reassurance that those that believe come and listen to the good word. Pretty short and sweet.

Love you all.

Well I guess not that much cause I had forgotten to press send last week...........its ok. You get two emails from me this week! Weehaa!

Elder แลลิส
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