Sunday, October 23, 2016


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOTHER THAT LOVES ME A TON. And just nonchalantly reminds me "Oh and I had my birthday celebration too this week." Must be a companionship thing where we both are sorta forgetful...But we promise. We love our mothers.
​"Love Rangsit District and this awesome ceramic sheep we found when cleaning the church"

My parents and my mother really played a big influence on my life. Helped me learn how to develop a desire and motivation to do the things that need to be done.

Wow. I can't write English anymore. Not sure if any of that even made sense. Maybe I'll just stick to sending pics home instead of typing...
But the things that my parents and my mom have taught me. Really have motivated me and pushed me past what I thought I could do. Seeing her love and support. Especially all those times of helping me with my homework. Mother you are a true champion

This week was interesting. We never not have an interesting week. We as a companionship have been pushing to try and really keep on feeling uncomfortable doing stuff here in Thailand. Sometimes you just gotta keep on getting creative and never stop being happy. With all the rain and appointments falling through, sometimes you just need to go get some ice cream and keep on being happy! Truly happiness is the key.
"Elder Decker"​

Investigator and lessons wise. It was a different week. More of a testing time. Will we slow down, give up, and let our spirits down. Or will we keep on pushing and trying our hardest to love these people even more? Totally up to us. It's our decision on what we want to think, feel, and let affect us.

Times may get rough, but hey. When it comes to the end of the day, we still have a God who loves us and knows us. This love will forever be the thing keeping me going. Through the slow and grinding days. Just keep the love and momentum moving and this too shall pass. Yeeee.

Quick video that a member showed at a dinner

We live in a world so connected by technology that it's pretty hard not to be connected in some form or another. From a smart phone to social media, even including the usage of email. Technology is here, there, and everywhere. But where are we? The present time. Those precious moments. It's the small things that really count when you're out in the world. Living life and doing awesome things. It's just too good to not living in the present. Stay connected, but keep it real. 

This life is pretty legit.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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