Sunday, October 9, 2016

Well. It's time again.

I'm not as young as I think I am in this whole being a missionary thing.... Especially when your new companion graduated in 2016

​His name is Elder Decker and he is from Las Vegas, Nevada. Age 18...I think. Yeah. He makes me feel old. I heard there was some video up on facebook -


Also Rangsit has been increased to a total of 6 elders working in one ward cause yeah. So the total count goes like this. I'm the oldest, then I have someone who is one month younger, then you add the youngest 4's ages as being a missionary and that equals me. I don't feel this old though....Yeah we've got 2 brand new missionaries and 1 that has only been in country for around 5 weeks. You could say it's a pretty awesome group. #RangsitDreamTeam

This week, well. Wow. We did some stuff. Nothing new to share except for how amazing general conference was this past week....
"My sincere hope is that we will invite an increasing number of God's children to find and stay on the gospel path so they too can partake of the fruit which is desirable above all other fruit. My heartfelt plea is that we will encourage, accept, understand, and love those who are struggling with their faith. We must never neglect any of our brothers and sisters. We are all at different places on the path, and we need to minister to one another accordingly. Just as we should open our arms in a spirit of welcoming new converts, so too should we embrace and support those who have questions and are faltering in their faith."

Absolutely loved this talk. It is so true! Simply just because people have been a faithful member for 10+ years does not mean that they don't have any problems. The real thing is that everyone has problems, everyone needs some support, everyone can use another friend.
Love is the motive. Always. Guilt can be a pretty convincing motivator, but at the end of the day, the one thing that will never fail is charity. So go out. Smile a little more and love a little harder. If you do it out of love and the person can feel your love for them.

I wish I had some cooler pics this week, but like yeah idk. I'll get something next week.


Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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