Thursday, April 13, 2017

It's Songkran Time

Went to Bangkok.
​Got into Bangkok at like midnight, then taxied over to Rangsit and slept there for like 6 hours. Left to get into Asoke for a meeting and then switchoffs with the Assistants.
Sometimes you just gotta chill nice and easy.
Heard a bunch of buzzing noise as we biked around so then we found this dead rat. Cause of death unknown.
Went district inviting at this park. Apparently these ducks are famous in Thailand?

We still did work. Yesterday we had a ton of appointments set up with members. We leave the house at 8:30 am and the streets of Udon are just quiet. Like no one. So we go out and start teaching, get into a few different houses and teach members, less actives, recent converts, investigators. It was pretty chill until we go and stop to eat lunch. Grab lunch and then we just hear a bunch of loud party music and see people shooting water everywhere from the back of this truck. And me and Elder Rawlinson just look at each other like "No. We will not get wet." But we pass them and then start heading out to see one of the grandmas that we teach. On the way down we politely declined getting wet by all the people.

Get down to teach the lady. Straight MIRACLE. She shares how if we didn't bring a certain member to help us teach her, she probably wouldn't be getting baptized for a long time. But last time we met her we had given her two options, to be baptized on the 16th or the 23rd. She prayed and feels like the 23rd is the day. So that's the day.

On the way back up though. Well someone threw a little water at us. At that point we decided. Well. If we need to bike back up the street, might as well have a good attitude about it. So we biked and tried to avoid them. but when theres a child throwing a bucket of water every 15 meters and theres cars zipping past on the right side of you...well yeah. You just gotta accept it all.

"Look up to Jesus Christ—the wise advice of my father—strengthens my faith whenever I face challenges in life. He taught me how to apply the teachings of Christ, as in these words: “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.”"

General conference this weekend was way legit. So much good stuff! Just looking up! Especially here in Thailand. It's poured rain the past few days and now the water festival. Everything is wet. But in these times, we know that teachings of Christ are still true and that the work goes on. Just keep on working happy and everything will be alright. Miracles are real.

It's play time.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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