Monday, April 24, 2017

Loei and Baptism

So yeah. We go out and sight see pretty hard in Thailand. The sights are just so good. But honestly, the work is like 10x cooler and better.

Went through a giant rock maze.

But other than that, this week was a blur. Seriously. Like it flew by. We had two companion exchanges this week so I got the awesome opportunity to work with two super young missionaries. The first was Elder Christensen and we made a goal to go out and have a ton of fun. So we ate street food! Wherever we were, if I saw something interesting I stopped, asked for a sample of the weird fried thing and then had him eat it. The reactions were priceless, we ate weird fried stuff from the street, got some different flavored flower juices, and just ate some things that I had no idea what they were. By the end of the day we had seen amazing breakthroughs with investigators, some of them confirming to a solid baptismal date, and then right as we finished up our day Elder Christensen says "I don't feel so good, I think I'm sick."

He proceeded to spend the last 1.5 hours of the day in the bathroom.
It seems all the awesome food finally caught up to him. He also quoted that the best and worst part of the day was all the food that we had eaten hahahhaha.

Then the second comp exchange was with a missionary only on his 2nd transfer. His name is Elder Denny. He's so adorable. He was leading me around in his area. I literally have no idea where to go and where to find food, so he just took the lead in teaching. Well the lead in everything. It was amazing! He's got a strong desire to serve and he really knows what he's doing. Idk how missionaries are so on it these days, I'm pretty sure I was clueless on my second transfer.... It was your basic day of going out, and having a ton of fun. And miracles.

Just yesterday we had a baptism for this grandma. She's been an investigator for around 7 months now. At first she was just curious why her friend (another grandma that's almost 80 years old) always had these young white guys coming over and helping her with stuff. That curiosity had led her to meeting with the missionaries. At first she didn't want anything to do with them and she was just sorta anti. So the missionaries stopped teaching her. Then my comp and his comp from last transfer went to try and teach her. And then stopped teaching her also. But then the she started coming to church, showing some interest, and we decided to seize the opportunity. We probably saw her almost every day for the past month. She has read all of the Book of Mormon, literally every page from cover to cover including the index, and is in the Bible now. She's just so old that every time we ask her "How's your day, anything cool to do?" all she says is "I'm too old to do anything, all I do is read scriptures!" 

Literally such a breakthrough, we brought different people to help us teach her and all of these people really helped Grandma Lamduan come to this point to get baptized. The stone cut out of the mountain with no hands is rolling and coming forth to fill the earth!
"For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it."

Read this in studies and just felt so amazed. To hope and wait for these things, these promised blessings in patience. But this wasn't the end, also found this amazing quote about faith from Elder Wirthlin.
"Faith exists when absolute confidence in that which we cannot see combines with action that is in absolute conformity to the will of our Heavenly Father. Without all three—first, absolute confidence; second, action; and third, absolute conformity—without these three all we have is a counterfeit, a weak and watered-down faith."
There is no holding back in these things that we do. It is absolute confidence, action, and absolute conformity. There is no compromising. It just is. You just do. You just go. If you're gonna complain about your conditions and just complain that's it. You did nothing, just complain. Always the smarter thing is to take some time, plan, then act. Act in full confidence with absolute conformity. This quote has summed up the things that I've seen on my mission. Anything less than the absolute is weak. So yes, our faith is weak, and that leaves a ton of room for improvement, and it's all about the improvement!

So work hard, give it all up, cause this is it.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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