Monday, February 20, 2017

BBT-Beach Boys (of) Thailand

You know. They say that your preparation day is a day to do the things that you need to get out of the way so that you may more fully focus on the work.
​I mean come on. To hold it was 1 US dollar.
It's all so true. Our RC B-Christ took us to go see a pet fair and then take a quick stroll on the beach last Monday.
​From the previous week. It has been....interesting.
​Yeah....This kind of interesting....

Had the opportunity to attend a meeting where one of the speakers shared about how this work doesn't simply start when we get to an area, and neither will it end once you leave the area. Made me ponder about the time I've spent in Thailand. The people I've met. The lives we've changed.
Throwbacckkkkkk to the first Sunday in Thailand.
These are individuals. Each person, with their own life. Their own story. Like dude hold up. Woah. There's like a billions of individual stories. Woah. It's easy for this absolute marvelous fact to get lost in the mundane grind of day to day life.

Story 1-
Was at church yesterday and just so happened that a member from one of my old areas (Lopburi) had came and visited. She shared that one of the investigators I had taught while my time in Lopburi really missed meeting with missionaries and was so thankful that me and Elder Merrill had taken the chance and taught him. He still isn't 18, and every time he talks to his legal guardians about getting baptized they always tell him no. But this July, he'll be turning 18. Way trippy. That was a year ago, but as soon as the member told me his name. I remembered him. Remembered how shy he was at first. How he was sorta scared. Then how he made friends at the church. Then just so much. 

Way trippy. Leading to...
Story 2-
I've been looking through my old planners and my old journal entries just you know. Reminiscing, trying to find some wisdom in my old entries and such. Each day I read in my planner and my journal it takes me back to that time. My time is truly running out here in Thailand. I see some of my close friends serving in areas that I loved, and I just wish with all my might that those chapters in peoples lives that we had started or picked up from other missionaries are still going. Moving with the hope that the work we put in is still valid and in use and will be used. Idk. Just way legit how I can look at most of the people in my early planners and remember their stories, or just remember influential lessons. Walking out from a lot of those lessons. Like everyone was changed. The member helping, the investigator (whether or not they got baptized), the missionary. 

Pretty much the theme of this email is to go hard, not give up, because MIRACLES ARE REAL.

Believe in Miracles. Believe in Miracles. Believe in Miracles.

Also. Really love this video about love.

Love is truly the remedy for everything. The love that God has for US. The love that kept Christ going when he atoned for our sins. 

It's all about love. And miracles :).

Love you lots. Take it easy. Eat some good food for me or something.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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