Sunday, February 12, 2017

Transfer 14

So I feel like I'll just start posting up a ton more pics cause Thailand is way legit.

​Idk. Just thought it was funny cause I heard about all these weird warnings about this game and then I saw this on one of the train platforms.

I am still in the BBT, same companion, for one more transfer. It's gonna be way legit.

​Rice with a little bit of everything.
I'm sorta blanking right now...Can;t remember too well what we had actually done this week. I promise we do stuff. Just sometimes it all blurs together and I just sorta forget. It'll come to me as I keep on typing...Maybe.

Bamboo and chicken.
Last weekend we had passed by this restaurant as we were looking for the house of a part member family. After meeting with the family we go back and start talking to the owners. They are this way sweet couple that have been making food in this village for almost 30 years so they know every single person in the village. They were trying to talk super fast in Thai to make it so me and my comp couldn't understand them, and they were talking like "Should we just give them free food?" "Yeah, let's do it. They're young and need some rice" "Okay, if they offer us money, let's say no." "Yeah let's say no." So they didn't charge us for their food. A couple that we had just met like 20 minutes ago. Just wow. That was unexpected. But then we went back, got to pay for our food this time (yay!), and then sat down and got to teach them. They're open to learning because of two things. 1-They've never learned about Christianity before and 2-They've seen people change from Buddhism to Christianity and it makes them wonder, why would anyone change.
Pretty stoked.

Then more chicken and some pepper and basil and an egg.
Don't even have to question if there is rice or not.

Now I'm starting to remember. We had a way cool experience where one of our investigators had taken us to visit his family members. He's the only Christian person in his family, and has been learning with us for around a month, but really wants us to start teaching his family. So he takes us to his house, first expecting to just meet his son. But then he goes and has us sit down and teach everyone in the house. Way stoked cause we taught a bunch of guys that day and we need more MALES.

Traffic has been pretty bad recently in the BBT. We aren't sure why. From the church to our house at nights, usually it would take like only 10 minutes by bus. But for some reason it has been super congested traffic. It doesn't look that bad, then you get to the major mall, and it slows down. Then you try to get through this massive roundabout and you're moving slower than a water buffalo. Like seriously. It's way slow, and has been faster for us to get out of the van/bus and just walk home. Or we can take the train system back home. So this week has been a lot of jumping on this train and getting off right at the front of our neighborhood.​

Yesterday at church two of our investigators got confirmed as members of the church and also received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It's way crazy to see how much both of these men had changed. One, despite being super busy from Monday-Friday with work, always makes time to meet with us on Saturday and then comes to church faithfully on Sunday. Within just one month we have seen him grow from having next to no idea about how God could help him, until now having a trusting relationship with our Father in Heaven. He loves the gospel, he loves the church, and most importantly he loves God. Then our other friend that got confirmed. He's awesome, and truly feels like he has found the restored gospel, after studying in Buddhism and then becoming Protestant, and then as he studied more in the bible and eventually to the point where 2 weeks ago, he opened his heart and decided to meet with us.

"Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God;...And how great is his joy in the soul that repenteth!...And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father"

Omelet and vegetables and chicken....over rice.
We're in it for the long run. Working for the possibility of eternal happiness. Eternal stoke. This is the motivation. The love that keeps my hope alive. Missionary work really happens on the individual basis. Conversion is a process that is not the same for every single person. The fact that each person has their own personal conversion story, not at all like that of someone else, no story will be 100% alike. Through God's plan and His eyes we are worth much more than we could ever imagine. We are individuals. Although we may share similarities, we are very individualistic in our personal quirks and such. 

One by one. Step by step. Person by Person. 
That's how we do it. 

Cause this is Thailand.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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