Sunday, March 12, 2017

Thailand computers....

Well I've been trying to type up this email and this computer has crashed on me and stopped working like all the time. So this will be a short email.

Long story short this week was EPIC.

We went so hard. And just ate so much food. And I stressed out a ton so we ate a ton of stuff. And all I do in this area is eat. So yeah. Pretty sure I averaged like at least a liter or two of soda per day this week. The correlation between stress and soda is a direct correlation and between stress and my actual food intake is an indirect correlation.

So yeah. A lot of soda, especially this pink lychee pear soda. So good. So unhealthy.

Well. Looked like a bunch of the go pro pics got corrupted cause the computer really isn't good and like can't transfer or handle files.....Meh. There went the pics for this week hahah. Uhhh

What else.

Elder Kartchner has been really incorporating the whole "Do everything like a Thai person" lifestyle. Therefore we have decided to be like Thai people, go to markets and set up a big sign that promotes our free English program. So that's what we did. Two elders at the booth and then two other elders just going and talking to every single person in the whole market. Such good inviting. Big things coming soon.

A new member Bro. Kris really likes to scooter. He told us how he would ride the scooter to get to the sky train and then ride the train, then get off and go to visit his mom. We thought he would scooter only for like 500 meters. But it ended up being he got off the train station and then scootered for FIVE (5) KILOMETERS. DUDE. DEDICATION TO THE SCOOTER GAME.

The activities here in BBT have been thriving and we have been consistently increasing the attendance each night. Only way is up when you started from the bottom.

Epic stories about investigators will probably come next week. Maybe...

Like I said. The pics are all corrupted. Oh well. Maybe it was meant to be.

The work is thriving miracles are happening. BBT is going crazy. 

Am I on the scooter? the world may never know.

"...The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."

Never stop believing in miracles.

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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