Sunday, March 5, 2017

Walk Ups and (a) Walk In

Didn't really get any pictures this week. So we'll have to do some supplemental throwbacks.

​Well I got these pictures of these dogs. They are similar to husky's but they're called Alaskan Malibus? Or something like that. One of the recent converts has decided to start up a puppy farm so he's got 4 of these massive wolf sized dogs in his house. But this one is still a baby. Barely 2 months old. It's so fluffy.
Probably the cleanest restaurant I had ever eaten at in Thailand. Got invited to go eat with some of our English class students.

On the topic of eating food. Also got to meet up with Bro. Saiyoot from Hawaii! Pics probably on facebook....Funny story that he has a house in the area that I am serving in now and also one of the other missionaries had served in the branch that Bro. Saiyoot is from!

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Follow up on the Book of Mormon Initiative:
We are still going house to house, person by person, giving each member a fresh copy of a Book of Mormon and challenging them to write their testimony and prayerfully choose a friend or person to give this special book. It works so well. So simple. I'll admit, it doesn't yield the same results as going and inviting for hours and finding investigators and teaching on the streets. But now, we are working with the members, not just through them. Each of them are actively getting their own part in this work of salvation. So amazing seeing the testimonies of these people. They have been seeing MIRACLES. MEMBERS. MIRACLES. MISSIONARY WORK.
Woah. Everyone. Literally everyone that we have committed to do this. We aren't teaching them anything new, we are simply renewing these old thoughts to them again. These old thoughts/ideas/feelings aren't even old. They're just as valid as they were 80 years ago as they are today and will be tomorrow.
The members in BBT are on fireeeeee. They are so stoked for missionary work. They call us telling us about how excited they are that they are sharing the Book of Mormon with their friends. It's like we've got 20+ greenies (new missionaries) that have no language barrier and are working off of pure charity.

But the stoke doesn't stop there. Investigator pool atm. Is on fire. People are desiring to change, and that's what we are here to help them with. Change.

To get back to the title of the email....

We go to the Central West Gate mall. Absolutely huge. Packed on the weekends, just thousands of people inside. Normally we invite outside a bit, but once you're inside the security doesn't really appreciate when you walk and invite. So we get over there to go meet Bro. Saiyoot for dinner and are waiting for him for a few minutes. In the span of 15 minutes we have two walk ups. All four missionaries were there at the same time, so when the first guy comes up and asks "Hey are you the Mormons?" me and another missionary from the other companionship just jump on the opportunity. We start talking, he asks where the church is at, then we ask for his number. Both of us hahahah. And it was literally a race. Elder Noyce pulls out his planner and pen, but I pull out the phone. Get his number and call to his phone right there on the spot and get a follow up appointment. But the fun doesn't stop there. We walk a little bit more into the mall and a lady stops Elder Noyce asking if he's Mormon. At this point he gets stoked, talking to her with his companion, then she asks if she can start reading the Book of Mormon and they get a follow up with this lady too. Two walk ups ===> two follow ups. In Central West Gate. What?? 55555

Sitting and chilling, all the investigators that had committed and confirmed to coming to church with us just didn't. Bunch didn't show up because they all got pretty sick recently....But that's alright. It's chill. Cause like that's just how we roll. It's Sunday. The day of rest. And miracles. Chilling, listening to the teacher teach about prophets then a member brings in this guy that can't speak Thai. I look at him, get up from my seat, sit down next to him, start translating for him. He's from mainland China. He had the gospel library application and everything....It was so funny, while I was translating I wasn't sure how much he was understanding and like if he was understanding all of the gospel vocabulary. So I would periodically stop and ask him "Do you understand about this word _____?" His answer was the best, "No, I'm from mainland China." All the time. Literally all the time. He's so chill. Turns out, he's been in Thailand for 2 months, teaching Chinese and Japanese at a school in our area. And he has a friend that is a missionary in Tokyo! The missionary friend has been trying so hard to get him to church and finally he accepted to go! The stoke just never stops. He's free every day after he's done teaching school and on the weekends. Oh yeah.

"And now, my son, this was the ministry unto which ye were called, to declare these glad tidings unto this people, to prepare their minds; or rather that salvation might come unto them, that they may prepare the minds of their children to hear the word at the time of his coming."

Reflection on how blessed I have been. I'm not the first generation. Or the second generation of members in my family. So grateful for those that had received the teachings and applied it to the lives and for the people before me that have perpetuated these things. Way sweet opportunity missionaries have to start helping people make these multi-generational bonds between families. Declaring the glad tidings to all. 

Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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