Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Day Has Come

I've left BBT.

​s/o to the guy in the green on the far right. He got baptized yesterday!
Jumped on a 9 hour bus ride.
It was alright cause I got a ton of leg room.

​Funny story about getting on this bus. So the nice good buses left at 9pm and we were trying to get back to the area as fast as possible. So like we just jump in taxis. But we had to get 4 peoples stuff and 4 bikes over to the bus terminal. So we took 4 taxis. And to top it off, none of us had phones. I've never used this bus terminal either so we came to a consensus with the taxi drivers where the meeting point would be so we did it. Jumped into taxis and left. Get to the terminal and I realize that our meeting point was pretty broad so I just sorta stand and wait by myself with all this luggage and bikes. Eventually they find me, only to say that the bus leaves in 10 minutes. So we run up to the 4th floor of the terminal, buy our tickets, then run out to the back to board our bus. We had to haul all of our stuff like all the way across this station and we still had no idea which door the bus would leave from so we are running around looking super crazy and totally lost and there's all these Thai people just staring at us. But we find the bus, and I drop all my stuff down, Get the tickets checked, then next thing I know the Elder I was with was running all the way back to the street to go and grab the rest of our stuff. And then the bus people are just like "What are you doing where is he going?!?! The bus needs to leave now!" So we rush and we are just tossing bags on luggage on bikes and its such a big mess. And it was so sweaty and gross. But it was way legit. That was the adventure on this really ghetto bus that drips water and had a huge crack in the window.

But we made it and then had to get all of our stuff to the next meeting point. The church, cause we still didn't have a phone but figured hey, there should be something going on at the church at night. So we just sorta show up and ask to borrow some random person's phone.

Can't capture the full craziness of this pic. We fit all our luggage inside, and then i was holding this bike up against the side of the little tuk tuk and it was like bungee corded to the corner and then the other side was literally held by my leg as seen in the lower left side. Yeah. It was sweet.

​Cause this happened.

Elder Rawlinson.

We knew each other from BYU, we were both in the same ward. It's way legit. Cause we just look like two Asians. A lot of people just think we are both Thai, or they think we are siblings. It's pretty fun. So stoked to be working with him this transfer. We are out here in the countryside (Essan) in a place called Udorn. So stoked.

I sit down to do a baptismal interview over the phone and this happened.
This park that we have been inviting at has been the birthing place of miracles. People literally come here to just contemplate life. So some highlights from the park
-We sat down and taught this lady that wasn't sure why she felt like she needed to sit at that one place.
-A 17 year old girl from Canada that could speak Thai accepted a baptismal date for 3 weeks from yesterday because she wants to find more happiness
-Meeting so many families!

This is the command over and over and over again.

"He saith unto him the third time....lovest thou me?...And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep."


Elder แลลิส
Forward Ever. Stopping Never.

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